United Kingdom

Prostitution could be about to become decriminalised in the UK

Former sex workers are arguing in court they should be treated as victims rather than criminals.


Police accused of 'helping criminals' by selling old items of uniform on eBay

Police are selling old items of uniforms on eBay to plug a funding gap, as campaigners accused the force of helping criminals to impersonate officers.


Trump administration highlights 'foreign-born' terror-related criminals in immigration push

Justice and Homeland Security officials release report as immigration talks in Congress falter.        


This Rotten Week: Predicting 12 Strong, Den Of Thieves And Forever My Girl Reviews

We're back for another jam-packed week of movies hitting theaters, and this one runs the gamut genre-wise. Soldiers head to Afghanistan, thieves and criminals squaring off, and sappy country singers finding redemption.


UK-India deal will mean criminals and illegal immigrants face swift removal under landmark deal

THOUSANDS of foreign crooks and illegal immigrants will be deported more swiftly under a landmark deal. Britain has struck a new agreement with India to share criminal records info, fingerprints and intelligence. India is third in the table of countries w


Scientists Debunk 'The CSI Effect': TV Shows Don't Make Criminals Smarter

Ever finished watching an episode of Sherlock or the latest crime-solving thriller like CSI and feel like you have a new perspective into the life of a criminal, and you would obviously avoid the common mistakes they make that land them behind bars? Well,


SEC warns bitcoin investors that regulators may not help them recoup losses from criminals

The SEC warned Thursday that investors should "exercise caution" with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

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