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Ex-Milwaukee cop at center of controversial shooting admits soliciting prostitution

A former Milwaukee police officer who was acquitted last year in a fatal shooting that sparked two nights of riots pleaded guilty Thursday to soliciting prostitution in an unrelated sexual assault case that could have sent him to prison for decades.

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Carjacker gets 30-year sentence for New Jersey mall killing

The gunman in a fatal 2013 carjacking at an upscale mall in New Jersey has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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California house of horrors parents face life in prison on torture, abuse charges

The parents of the children in the California house of horrors case are facing up to a life in prison after being charged Thursday for torture and abuse, authorities said, while revealing more shocking details of the alleged atrocities that happened insid

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Officials: Inmate serving life sentence jumps to his death

Officials say an inmate serving a life sentence for a 1989 murder jumped to his death from the second floor of a housing unit at a Pennsylvania prison.


Psychic paid $3.5 million for exorcisms gets prison for evading U.S. taxes

BOSTON (Reuters) - A self-proclaimed psychic was sentenced on Wednesday to 26 months in prison after admitting that she tried to avoid paying taxes on over $3.5 million that she received from an elderly Massachusetts woman seeking to cleanse herself of de

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Man sent to prison for biting off chunk of wife's nose

A Connecticut man who bit off a chunk of his wife's nose, permanently disfiguring her, has been sent to prison for more than six years.

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Maryland mother accused of mailing drugs to her inmate son

A Maryland woman is accused of mailing a shipment of drugs to her son, an inmate at a Delaware prison.

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Prosecutors: New Jersey bomber tried to corrupt inmates

An unrepentant New Jersey man who injured 30 people in a Manhattan bombing and then promoted his extremist ideology to other prisoners deserves the mandatory life in prison as required by his conviction, prosecutors told a judge on Tuesday.

United Kingdom

John Worboys: Justice Secretary David Gauke trying to halt rapist's release from prison

Government says David Gauke considering judicial review in bid to overturn Parole Board decision

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Ex-treasurer sentenced for theft from youth soccer league

The former treasurer of a volunteer youth soccer league who stole more than $400,000 has been sentenced to six years in prison.

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Man convicted of 3 killing civil rights workers dies in jail

Mississippi's corrections department says Edgar Ray Killen, a former Ku Klux Klan leader who was convicted in the 1964 'Mississippi Burning' slayings of three civil rights workers, has died in prison at the age of 92.


What The Crime Stripes In Guardians Of The Galaxy Actually Meant

It turns out that in the Kyln prison in Guardians of the Galaxy, you never really need to ask 'What are you in for?'

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'Mississippi Burning' KKK leader Killen dies in prison at 92

Edgar Ray Killen, a former Ku Klux Klan leader who was convicted in the 1964 'Mississippi Burning' slayings of three civil rights workers, has died in prison at the age of 92, the state's corrections department announced Friday.

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Simon Bramhall: Surgeon who branded initials on patients' livers spared jail

'What you did was an abuse of power and a betrayal of the trust those patients had invested in you,' says judge

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Rapper with song 'Sell Drugsz' gets prison for selling drugs

A Rhode Island rap artist whose songs include a tune titled "Sell Drugsz" was sentenced to three years in prison Wednesday -- for selling drugs.

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Former Alabama pastor gets 20 years for rape of minor

A former Alabama pastor who pleaded guilty in the rape of a 15-year-old female church member has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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18 indicted in Maryland prison corruption case

Maryland authorities say 18 people, including two correctional officers, have been indicted in a prison corruption case.

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Florida Guardsman gets 5 years for keeping stockpile of explosive material

A Florida National Guardsman, who was arrested in May after authorities found a stockpile of highly explosive material and neo-Nazi propaganda in his apartment, was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday.

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Man sentenced in connection with 5-year-old daughter's death

A man whose wife was accused of killing their 5-year-old daughter in a fit of anger has been sentenced to 12 years in an Ohio prison.

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Former US missionary gets 40 years for child sexual abuse

An Arkansas man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually abusing children while working as a missionary in Haiti.


'Sell Drugsz' rapper sentenced for narcotics trafficking in Rhode Island

BOSTON (Reuters) - A Rhode Island rapper whose songs include "Sell Drugsz" and "Feds Watching" has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for trafficking heroin and fentanyl, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

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Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison at 16 Challenges Penalty After Celebrity Support

Cyntoia Brown fatally shot a man who picked her up for sex when she was a teen

United States

Tennessee woman sentenced to life at 16 challenges penalty

A woman who fatally shot a man who had picked her up for sex when she was 16 was unconstitutionally sentenced to life in prison, her lawyers say.

United States

Former funeral director sentenced for false services claims

A former West Virginia funeral director who filed false insurance claims for services for clients who were still alive has been sentenced to a year and a month in federal prison.

United States

Woman sentenced to 8 years in prison for death of newborn

A Long Island college student who admitted to smothering her newborn daughter after a hidden pregnancy has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

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