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Finsbury Park mosque attack: Driver who ran over worshippers 'brainwashed' by TV sex gang drama, court hears

Darren Osborne, 48, deliberately mowed down Makram Ali, 51, and nine others last June after becoming radicalised against Islam following viewing of BBC's 'Three Girls', prosecution says


Mother of murdered schoolboy, Breck Bednar, taunted by menacing blogs killer posted from prison

The mother of a murdered schoolboy has told an inquiry how she feared his killer had escaped from jail when he posted menacing blogs from behind bars.


Black cab rapist John Worboys is 'moved to prison in London close to where most of his attacks took place'

Black cab rapist John Worboys has been moved to a prison near to where the vast majority of his attacks on women took place, it has emerged.


Police photographing of Mount Isa children 'could be illegal'

Queensland police minister urged to end youth crime operation whereby officers approach children on the streets Civil libertarians are demanding an end to a Queensland police operation targeting youth crime in Mount Isa.The Queensland Council for Civil Li


Facebook let terror suspect post ISIS vids ‘just because he asked them’

FACEBOOK repeatedly allowed a terror suspect to post ISIS videos — just because he asked them, a court heard yesterday. Clips showing motorbikes dragging three Syrian soldiers to their death and brainwashed children training were taken down only to


Remaining silent during a rape could be conceived as consent, DPP says

Remaining silent during a rape could be seen as consent, the country’s most senior prosecutor has suggested.


Trump administration's immigrant-crime hotline released victims' personal information

The release of private data underscores problems that have surfaced since Immigration and Customs Enforcement launched the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office.        

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Vigilante families patrol Essex streets to stamp out crime after being left feeling ‘unsafe’ by police cuts

VIGILANTE families who fear police cuts have left them feeling “unprotected and unsafe” are now patrolling the streets to stamp out crime – and calling themselves Guardian Angels. Volunteers in Wickford, Essex, set up the Wick Patrol

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What is Clare’s Law, when was the Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme introduced and how does it work?

A WOMAN beaten black and blue by her lover has begged other women to used Clare’s Law in a bid to stop violence before it happens. But what is the system championed by domestic abuse victim Kirby Weegram, and how does it work? What is Clare’

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'Short, sharp shock' ruined my life: Abuse victims describe brutal reality of youth detention centres under Thatcher

Former inmates say their lives spiralled into violence and addiction because of trauma from 'sadistic, brutal concentration camps'


Doughnut eating champ charged with breaking into doughnut shop

A burglar who was caught four years ago after winning a doughnut eating contest has been arrested again - this time on suspicion of breaking into a doughnut shop.

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Kane Gamble: Teenager with autism on Leicestershire housing estate took classified information by fooling people into thinking he was FBI boss

Adolescent targeted high profile figures including CIA chief John Brennan and FBI deputy director Mark Giuliano, court hears


Knives disguised as lipstick and combs for young women being promoted via Instagram

Instagram is being used to promote illegal knives designed to be attractive to young women, The Telegraph can disclose.


Jamaica travel: Everything you need to know about state of emergency

'This is very unusual Foreign Office advice: urging British holidaymakers not to wander away from their gated, guarded all-inclusive resorts'

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BA pilot arrested by armed police for being 'drunk' on board Gatwick flight

Attendants on flight 2063 to Mauritius call 999 after allegedly smelling alcohol on officer's breath


Dutch police to 'undress' youths wearing clothes deemed too expensive for them

Officers will target young men wearing designer clothes and watches they seemingly cannot afford

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Woman tells court 'psycho' slit her neck open and said she had 10 minutes to live

Mujahid Arshid, 33, allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered 20-year-old Celine Dookhran before attempting to kill other woman

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Woman jailed for entering into suicide pact with man and leaving him to die alone

Natasha Gordon backed out of agreement with Matthew Birkinshaw by getting out of his car before he killed himself


Collapse of several rape trials could damage the prospect of convictions in genuine cases, former lord chief justice warns 

The high-profile collapse of several rape trials could damage the prospect of convictions in genuine cases, the former lord chief justice has warned.


South Wales fire crime unit cuts arson in 'hotspots'

Fire service team works with police and council to cut arsons which cost £7m each year in south Wales.


California couple kept their two dogs in better condition than their 13 children

The California couple who are accused of starving their 13 children, leaving them so malnourished a 29-year-old weighed only five stone, kept two Maltese dogs which they fed significantly better than their children.


Oxford student cleared of rape after two-year ordeal prompts police force to review all cases

A second police force is conducting an urgent review of all its rape cases after a series of blunders led to the collapse of the prosecution of an Oxford University student.

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