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Mr Robot season 4 release date: When is season 4 released? Cast, trailer, latest news

MR ROBOT is the thrilling tech-drama starring Christian Slater that has had fans hooked since it’s crazy twist in the first series. Season 3 ended in December but when will season be 4 released? Here's everything you need to know about the cast, tr


North Korea is not building nuclear weapons to destroy the US or unify Korea — the real reasons are much more surprising

North Korean leader has been called many names — crazy, mad, and "rocket man" — but a nuclear policy expert says his push for nukes make perfect sense.

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Guests 'screaming and fleeing like crazy:' Hostage describes horror of Afghan terror attack

Afghan troops dropped onto a hotel roof rescue hostages from a terror attack, while other guests used bed sheets to scale down walls from windows.


Daniel Bryan Winning The 2018 WWE Royal Rumble Is Not As Crazy As It Sounds

Daniel Bryan is emerging as a darkhorse to win the 2018 Royal Rumble, and it's nowhere near as crazy as it sounds.


Sundance: Paul Giamatti is baby crazy in Netflix's razor-sharp 'Private Life'

The Oscar-nominated actor co-stars with Kathryn Hahn as aspiring parents who recruit their niece to donate her eggs in fertility drama 'Private Life.'        

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Boris Johnson wants a bridge over the English Channel connecting UK and France

'It's crazy that two of the biggest economies in the world are connected by one railway line when they are only 20 miles apart'


Trump's leaked review of the US's nukes seems to confirm Russia has an underwater nuclear doomsday weapon

Russia's planned doomsday device has been described as "bat-s---" crazy, " "absurd," and "deeply, deeply, deeply immoral."

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One Flash Theory Could Explain All The Weirdness In Season 4

Could The Flash's Season 4 craziness be explained by a similarly crazy theory?


Photos of Chinese micro-apartments reveal the terrifying scope of a housing crisis

Over the past several years, developers have coped with China's housing crisis by downsizing units to a couple hundred square feet at maximum.


'It was crazy, I got lucky': British tennis ace Laura Robson breaks silence on being caught up in Las Vegas massacre

Robson, 23, managed to escape unharmed after she and friends were at a music festival when lone gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from a nearby hotel, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500

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Tattoo Fixers floored by vaginal inking: 'What were you thinking?'

TATTOO Fixers have seen some mad inkings in their time, but Abbie's intimate tattoo may have topped them all.


CREDIT SUISSE: There are 3 things that could drive the stock market crazy in 2018

BI PRIME: Credit Suisse highlights the three things that could whip up stock market volatility in 2018.

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One Crazy Spock Reference Star Trek: Discovery Fans Should Be Thinking Hard About

Last night's episode of Star Trek: Discovery featured a sneaky Spock connection.


Anthony Mackie And Chris Evans Talk That Crazy Avengers: Infinity War Scene With 40 Heroes

Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans drop some details about filming a massive scene with 40 heroes in Avengers: Infinity War.


Star Wars fans go crazy for ‘Stormtrooper’ penguins and their ‘Darth Vader’ leader in Imperial Death March video

STAR Wars fans are going crazy for this video of penguin ‘stormtroopers’ and a feathered Darth Vadar. The emporer penguins waddle down the stairs as if they are strolling around the Death Star in a New Hope. Stormtroopers walking down the sta


Incredible video shows crazy parking skills of remote control car drifting around a wine glass

THIS incredible video shows the crazy remote control car skills of one YouTube star. The homemade clips show a tiny sports car drifting around wine glasses – and it doesn’t spill a single drop. It even performs an incredible handbrake turn p

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Three arrests after girl, 3, drinks from meth-laced water bottle and becomes 'crazy and erratic'

The girl's mother Lucinda Black, her uncle, Danie Black, and her aunt, Ashley Black, were all arrested when the child was tested positive for methamphetamine.

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The Crazy Way The X-Files Just Brought A Dead Character Back

The X-Files has found a variety of ways to bring unexpected characters back from what seemed like their deaths. The latest episode found a decidedly wild way of bringing a certain somebody back.


Holly Willoughby reveals CRAZY way she keeps her boobs warm during Dancing On Ice

HOLLY Willoughby has stunned with the unique method she undertakes to keep her bangers toasty during filming.


7 Crazy Places To Spend The Night

Hotels now offer accommodations in defunct airplanes, bubbles and caves.

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Lorraine Kelly urges Irn-Bru bosses to call off ‘crazy’ recipe change for Scotland’s favourite fizzy drink

LORRAINE Kelly last night urged Irn-Bru bosses to U-turn on their “crazy” move to change the drink’s recipe. The TV sofa queen said the firm is messing with a Scots icon by cutting the sugar content. Her blast came days before Bru facto


Bahamas cruise ship carrying 4,000 passengers battered by 30ft waves as it sailed through deadly 'bomb cyclone'

Traumatised passengers on board the 'Norweigan Breakaway' told how they 'held on for dear life' as the giant swells made the boat 'tilt like crazy'

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