The school cat - cartoon

Chris Riddell on asset stripping in academy trusts Continue reading...

United Kingdom

Customers can go hang at RBS, where profit is the only motive | Kevin McKenna

In closing rural branches, the bank continues to reveal its true coloursIf you ever want to know about the trail of greed, incompetence and lies that led to the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland then you must read Shredded: Inside RBS, the Bank That


No reds under beds, but the young are awake to the flaws in capitalism

The crash of 2008, not Stalinists in our universities, caused the sense of alienation among studentsAre student Red Guards about to storm the quads of Oxbridge colleges? Do young people think that famines and purges and mass executions are good? Apparentl

Love And Sex

How should young women react as #MeToo moves into dating? Female writers discuss | Anne Perkins, Iman Amrani, Marie Le Conte, Rachel Shabi and Ash Sarkar

Aziz Ansari and Cat Person are taking the #MeToo debate into today’s dating scene, showing gender disparity and raising consent issues Continue reading...


Will Australians turn their back on the Queen for a celebrity president? | Richard Ackland

The prospect of Oprah Winfrey as US president provides an opportunity for Australia to ponder our own future head of stateAmericans momentarily became excited at the prospect of Oprah Winfrey somehow landing in the Oval Office on the strength of her black


The Carillion scandal must bury the rip-off PFI dogma for good | John McDonnell

The Tories still can’t see the utter failure of outsourcing. Only a Labour government will demolish this sordid economic modelThis week 20,000 Carillion workers and many more in the supply chain have had their livelihoods put at risk. The responsib

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