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Skimp biscuit: Britain's favourite biccie brand to shrink as post-Brexit costs rise

The size of a 500g packet of Digestives will be cut by 100g due to rising costs following UK's Brexit vote.


Boris Johnson Wants Bridge Between U.K. and France Post-Brexit

Britain's foreign minister wants to literally bridge the gap between the two countries


Leo Varadkar talks to EU about post-Brexit future

BBC Europe correspondent Adam Fleming looks at Brexit messages in the Irish PM's speech.


Complete travel money guide: Currency exchange rates, bank charges, prepaid cards and how to keep costs down abroad

Half of Brits say currency is a minefield made worse by Brexit. Here's how (and where) to buy your holiday money


Zimbabwe's new president said Brexit is a 'good thing because they will need us'

Emmerson Mnangagwa said: 'What they've lost with Brexit they can come and recover from Zimbabwe.'


McVitie’s Digestives to shrink by seven biscuits per pack and its blaming it on higher costs due to Brexit

PACKS of McVitie’s Digestives are to shrink by SEVEN biscuits. Pladis, the firm which owns McVitie’s and Jacob’s biscuits, is cutting packets by 100g. It has blamed the reduction, known as shrinkflation, on rising costs due the fall i


Theresa May blasted by Brexit-backers after refusing again to say whether she’d vote Leave in a second referendum

THERESA May was blasted by Brexit-backers today after refusing again to say whether she’d vote Leave in a second referendum. Challenged by French TV, the Prime Minister reiterated that she would have to “sit down and look carefully” at


Let's build a bridge to Europe after we Brexit, Britain's Boris Johnson suggests

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's most prominent campaigner for leaving the European Union, Boris Johnson, has suggested building a giant bridge across the English Channel to France after Brexit, The Daily Telegraph reported.


Tories Backing Labour Housing Legislation Shows They’ve Lost The Argument

The bigger test now is whether the Government will take the bold action needed to fix the housing crisis

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London's clout as a global business hub won't be hit by Brexit, says PIMFA boss

Liz Field, chief executive of investment management lobby group, tells IBTimes UK the British capital is where the "world's business happens."


Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley gets stinging rebuke from DUP allies for ‘clumsy’ funding gaffe

THERESA MAY’s new Northern Ireland Secretary earned a stinging rebuke from their DUP allies after claiming extra cash negotiated for propping up the PM could still be withheld. A week into the job, red faced Karen Bradley admitted that her language


Migrants promised ‘fast-track’ access to Britain as part of new Calais border deal

MIGRANTS have been promised “fast-track” access to Britain as part of a new Calais border deal. A new “Sandhurst” treaty will see decisions on whether adult migrants qualify to enter the UK cut from six months to a month – a


Download The Sun’s dramatic Bye-EU Tapestry marking our historic Brexit victory

SUN readers raised hundreds of pounds yesterday for charities including Help for Heroes as we gave away copies of our Bye-EU Tapestry. The Sun marked the historic Brexit victory with its own take on the Bayeux Tapestry in yesterday’s newspaper, wit


Brexit will bring us closer together, says Zimbabwe's new president

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the new president of Zimbabwe, hailed Brexit as an opportunity to forge closer links with the UK on Thursday, as he called for the country to rejoin the Commonwealth.


Donald Trump isn’t coming to Britain because he doesn’t want to distract Theresa May from Brexit, says close ally

DONALD Trump isn’t coming to visit Britain because he doesn’t want to distract Theresa May from Brexit, a close ally of his has said. Rex Tillerson said the US President didn’t want to get in the way of the UK’s important task


Entente cordiale?

BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar looks at the significance of the UK-France summit against the backdrop of Brexit.


The U.K. Faces a Choice on Brexit: Norway or Canada?

The two models presented by the EU imply sticking to EU laws and rules, or facing more-restricted trade. The British are seeking some middle ground.


Facebook agrees to take a deeper look into Russian Brexit meddling

 Facebook has said it will conduct a wider investigation into whether there was Russian meddling on its platform relating to the 2016 Brexit referendum vote in the UK. Read More

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Brexit: Macron says France would look 'with kindness' on UK choosing to halt EU withdrawal

'If tomorrow, or the day after, the United Kingdom decided to change its mind, it's clear that we would look at this with kindness'

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