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Brexit negotiators 'handed EU power to freeze UK out of Galileo satellite project', despite Theresa May's protest

Prime minister suggested Brussels was unfairly penalising Britain - but MPs' report finds exclusion was 'agreed by negotiators'

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ITV's Loose Women promised to 'grill' Nigel Farage, then Kelly Brook blew a raspberry on his belly

It appears there is literally nothing far right enough that Nigel Farage can do to shake off his role as the nation's favourite risqué uncle


Brexit enforcer Jacob Rees-Mogg warns Theresa May it would be ‘cretinous’ to sign customs deal with EU

TORY Brexit watchdog Jacob Rees-Mogg today warned Theresa May it would be “cretinous” to strike a customs deal with the EU after Brexit. The senior MP also admitted he doesn’t know whether the “enigmatic” PM actually supports the policy of quitt

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Cambridge Analytica Files: academic tells MPs his work had no value - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 1.04pm BST Here is Ryan Mac, BuzzFeed’s tech reporter, with an assessment of Aleksandr Kogan’s evidence to the culture committee.My assessment of Kogan so far: He's answered most ?s

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Theresa May dismisses claims from EU that the UK is delaying Brexit talks

The prime minister's spokesperson said Ms May has repeatedly set out government's position on future relations with the bloc


UK set for Brexit clash as Brussels shoots down plan for City to access EU markets

Britain’s hopes for a bespoke deal to let the City of London access the EU, and companies across the Channel to access finance in the UK, has taken a blow as a top European Commissioner warned that Brussels wants to keep an unusually tight hold


Why The British Youth Are Only Reluctant Remainers

The youth have been robbed.A phrase repeated daily by Remain supporters as they point to a generation stripped of their rights to love, work, and marry in Europe. It is in these young people, who ‘voted overwhelming to Remain’ that the pro-EU

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Brexit: UK holding up talks with lack of clarity, Michel Barnier says

EU chief Brexit negotiator warns no agreement can be made without more clarity from UK


Theresa May has been urged to confront pro-EU MP rebels on the customs union with a Commons vote

THERESA May’s allies are urging her to confront pro-EU Brexit rebels with a Commons vote – as it emerges she will duck another showdown with them this week. The PM will tell ministers to stay away from a backbench debate on Thursday when rebel Tory MP


Spain Puts On a Show to Win Post-Brexit Military Role

The U.K.’s looming exit from the European Union brought senior European officials to Spain’s main naval base for a military display designed to make the case for Spain to take over the U.K.’s command-and-control role.

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House of Lords defeats government plans to scrap EU rights charter after Brexit

Peers defeat government on amendment to keep EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as part of UK law


EU Withdrawal Bill suffers third Lords defeat on human rights charter

Peers vote to keep the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in force after Brexit.

Northern Ireland

May is chasing a fantasists’ Brexit. She must change course now | Rafael Behr

It’s clear a sensible withdrawal will involve compromise. No one will be totally happy but a brave PM would do what was rightWho can say, hand on heart, that the customs union was uppermost in their mind in the polling booth on referendum day? Each vote


May Suffers Fresh Brexit Defeat As Lords Vote To Keep EU Charter Of Fundamental Rights In British Law

Theresa May has suffered a fresh Parliamentary defeat over Brexit after the House of Lords voted to keep the EU’s human rights charter in British law.Peers voted by 316 votes to 245 for a cross-party amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that aims t


Jurgen Klopp: Brexit 'makes no sense at all'

The German football manager says people should "vote again with the right information".


EU officials dismiss City minister's notion of UK sweetheart deal

Talk of a softening in opposition to giving financial services sector a special Brexit deal is rejected A claim from the UK’s City minister that the EU is softening its opposition to giving the country’s financial services sector a special Brexit deal


Brexit makes no sense and Britain should vote again, says Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool manager calls for another vote on European future‘There is not one time in history where division creates success’ Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has told the Guardian that Brexit “makes no sense at all” and that he believes Br


Rolls-Royce mulls European move as Brexit deal worries grow

Rolls-Royce is preparing to relocate the “signing off” of British-made airliner engines to Europe, as the EU aviation authority will hold the right to certify they are safe to fly in the event of a hard Brexit.

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Brexit: Five steps to understanding the EU Customs Union

Five steps to understanding it, ahead of a symbolic vote on the issue this week.


Theresa May could resign if she loses a vote on leaving the customs union after Brexit

Dan Kitwood / Getty Tory rebel remainers warned that they have Theresa May's future in their hands. An upcoming vote on staying in the customs union after Brexit could be treated as a vote of confidence in her leadership. Aides to the prime minister have

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Ken Clarke urges Tory rebels to ignore threat that customs union defeat could topple Theresa May in 'national interest'

Stakes raised by Downing Street hint that showdown will be a 'confidence vote' – meaning defeat would bring down the government

United Kingdom

Theresa May faces difficult week over Brexit and the customs union

The Prime Minister's flagship legislation is vulnerable to attacks in the Lords and from pro-EU Tory MPs.


UK economy grew slower in first quarter of 2018 than last quarter of 2017

EY Item Club says uninspiring economy is ‘chugging along’ as inflation continues to dropThe UK economy is set for another year of uninspiring growth in 2018, according to the latest forecasts from the EY Item Club.This week’s first-quarter GDP figur


Amid Brexit and rising populism — there’s a country that’s still desperate to join the euro

The eastern European nation of Bulgaria has provided the EU with some much-needed confidence.

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