Millions of IP addresses blocked as Russia tries to shut down Telegram

Russia has blocked more than 16 million internet protocol addresses in its attempt to ban the popular encrypted messaging app Telegram, leading to interruptions in the service of major websites and media.


Syria blocks chemical weapons inspectors from site of attack

The international chemical weapons watchdog organization that sent a fact-finding team to Damascus said Syrian and Russian officials blocked their efforts to reach the site.        


Facebook expels alt-right figurehead

White nationalist Richard Spencer's three Facebook pages are blocked on a permanent basis.

United Kingdom

UK bars anti-Muslim campaigners from entering the country

'This government upholds free speech but we will not let it be used to excuse detestable views that directly contravene our values,' says Home Office spokesperson


UAE plane blocked from leaving Somalia's Puntland region

Somali officials at Bosaso airport insisted that 'heavy bags' be checked, resulting in hours-long row, local media say.


Peter Dutton's department blocked white South African farmer's asylum bid

A man who applied for asylum on the grounds of ‘harm on the basis of his race’ had his claim denied Peter Dutton’s department blocked a white South African farmer’s asylum bid because its evidence showed “the vast majority of crimes against whit


Landslip at Holmwood disrupts Southern rail services

All lines between Dorking and Horsham have been blocked since Thursday evening.


Jerusalem Conference guests denied entry by Israel

At least 65 foreign invitees blocked from participating in meeting in Ramallah organised by the Palestinian Authority.


The Soviet villagers who blocked Western radio broadcasts

Radio Station #5 was one of a number of Soviet villages charged with keeping out foreign "propaganda".


Russia seeks to block Telegram messaging app

The country's media regulator is going to court in a bid to get the messaging app blocked in the country.

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