Google confirms some of its own services are now getting blocked in Russia over the Telegram ban

A shower of paper airplanes darted through the skies of Moscow and other towns in Russia today, as users answered the call of entrepreneur Pavel Durov to send the blank missives out of their windows at a pre-appointed time in support of Telegram, a messa


Roads blocked in evening protests in Nicaragua's capital

Roads blocked in evening protests in Nicaragua's capital Video provided by AFP        


Russia’s game of Telegram whack-a-mole grows to 19M blocked IPs, hitting Twitch, Spotify and more

As the messaging app Telegram continues to try to evade Russian authorities by switching up its IP addresses, Russia’s regulator Roskomnadzor (RKN) has continued its game of whack-a-mole to try to lock it down by knocking out complete swathes of IP

United Kingdom

Baked beans dumped on car after driver ‘blocked gates’ in car park

'This is not a parking space. People need regular access to these back gates and you're stopping them!'


Russia wants Telegram gone so badly, it blocked Google's and Amazon's clouds for the whole country just to keep it away from people

Roman Kulik/AP On Tuesday, Russia's state communications regulator said it blocked IP addresses owned by Google and Amazon after it was discovered that messaging service Telegram had been using their cloud services to reach users. The blocking of these I


Millions of IP addresses blocked as Russia tries to shut down Telegram

Russia has blocked more than 16 million internet protocol addresses in its attempt to ban the popular encrypted messaging app Telegram, leading to interruptions in the service of major websites and media.


Russia blocks Google, Amazon IP addresses in bid to ban Telegram

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's state communications regulator on Tuesday said it had blocked IP addresses owned by Google and Amazon, saying they were being used by the Telegram messaging service which Moscow moved to ban this week.


Facebook expels alt-right figurehead

White nationalist Richard Spencer's three Facebook pages are blocked on a permanent basis.

United Kingdom

UK bars anti-Muslim campaigners from entering the country

'This government upholds free speech but we will not let it be used to excuse detestable views that directly contravene our values,' says Home Office spokesperson


Thousands of opposition supporters rally in Armenian capital

Thousands of opposition supporters have blocked traffic in the Armenian capital over a recent change of government that the opposition sees as a move by the ex-president to stay in power.


UAE plane blocked from leaving Somalia's Puntland region

Somali officials at Bosaso airport insisted that 'heavy bags' be checked, resulting in hours-long row, local media say.


Peter Dutton's department blocked white South African farmer's asylum bid

A man who applied for asylum on the grounds of ‘harm on the basis of his race’ had his claim denied Peter Dutton’s department blocked a white South African farmer’s asylum bid because its evidence showed “the vast majority of crimes against whit


The Soviet villagers who blocked Western radio broadcasts

Radio Station #5 was one of a number of Soviet villages charged with keeping out foreign "propaganda".

United Kingdom

Teacher, 53, ‘had sex with pupil, 15, and sent him explicit card after he blocked her on social media’

A TEACHER accused of having sex with her pupil allegedly sent him an explicit card after he blocked her on social media, a court heard. Deborah Lowe, 53, asked the 15-year-old boy, “who else can I be a sl*t”, in the written message after she h


West Brom's plans to introduce safe-standing section blocked by government

West Brom hoped to install 3,600 rail seats in the ground's Smethwick End and have described the decision as 'disappointing' and 'short-sighted'

World sex advert website seized by FBI's international sites are blocked following the move by the US authorities.


Russia seeks to block Telegram messaging app

The country's media regulator is going to court in a bid to get the messaging app blocked in the country.

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