'Aliens' leave THIS shocking pattern on field in bizarre Google Maps shot

A BAFFLED bloke believes he has discovered alien patterns in a strange snap from Google Maps.


Has a war in SPACE begun? Shock activity on Sun's surface sends conspiracists into frenzy

FOOTAGE has emerged proving a space war is already being fought — according to online conspiracists.


Rhythm platformer Runner3 finally launches on Switch and PC this May

Developer Choice Provisions has announced that its highly-anticipated rhythm platformer Runner3 is heading to Switch on May 22nd.

Runner3 is the far less fussily titled follow-up to 2013's excellent 'Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legen


Matthew Morrison's new film outrages PETA after crew member reports animal abuse on set

Matthew Morrison's new film, "Crazy Alien," has been accused of animal abuse on set.


ALIEN life breakthrough? Boffins discover 15 new planets including habitable SUPER-EARTH

THE search for alien life just got a massive boost after boffins discovered a super-Earth which could have oceans among 15 new planets.


You can hunt for alien planets at home with Google's AI

Google has open-sourced their planet-hunting AI algorithm.


Horrific secret behind the egg-shaped ‘alien’ skulls found in Eastern Europe finally revealed after 1,500-years

THE horrific secret behind “alien” skulls found in Eastern Europe has finally been revealed after 1,500 years. Scientists at Germany’s National Academy of Sciences have discovered the bizarre “cone-shaped skulls” belonged to tortured brides. It


Did Google Earth just uncover ALIEN life in Antarctica? ‘UFO crash landing site’ SPOTTED

A SECRET alien base could have just been exposed from under the ice of Antarctica, after a conspiracy theorist claims to have discovered a crashed UFO.


You Can Hunt for Alien Planets in Kepler Data Using Newly Released Google Code

Researchers have released to the public the Google machine-learning code that allowed them to find two alien planets in data gathered by NASA's prolific Kepler space telescope.


Antarctica’s secrets EXPOSED? Google Earth images show 'hidden camps, UFOs and Nazi bases'

ANTARCTICA is one of the remotest regions on the planet and could hide some incredible secrets if these Google Earth images are anything to go by.


Alien atmospheres recreated on Earth

Research shows that planets orbiting distant stars may be surprisingly colourful.


Giant Alien Planet May Lurk Inside Star's Lopsided Dust Structure

The Hubble Space Telescope recently discovered a star surrounded by a huge dust structure that stretches about 150 billion miles across.


Flying black UFO spotted 'TAKING OFF from the moon' leaving viewers stunned

BIZARRE footage appearing to show a UFO passing over the moon has circulated online after it was uploaded to YouTube.


Alien life CONFIRMED? Frenzy as 'sphere UFO orb' spotted over lake on Google Earth

FOOTAGE has emerged from Google Earth which proves we are not alone in the Earth — according to online theories.


Theory EXPLODES online that Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were ALIEN HYBRIDS

A BIZARRE new conspiracy theory circulating online claims the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were alien hybrids.


Watch Netflix's 'Lost in Space' Full Trailer!

Netflix has released a new trailer for its "Lost In Space" reboot, which introduces the space family Robinson's new robot - and explores their alien environment. Check it out!

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