Country diary: primroses are so much more than pretty flowers

Saltwell Gill, Durham city: A swathe of wildlings in a wood was a spectacle to make the spirits soar after a long, cold winterThis meandering stream, a mile south of the city centre, has carved a small, steep-sided, wooded valley through soft alluvial soi


Country diary: wild violets are an absolute joy, to us and the bees

Claxton, Norfolk: Intense blue spikes have covered half the lawn – but we can claim little credit for thisThis spring I’ve been amused by our wild violets, which have spread suddenly across one half of the lawn. For anyone who has never met them, they


For the love of trees | Allan Jenkins

There are many reasons to love trees. Allan Jenkins traces the roots of his obsession back through his familyI grow trees by northern seas: baby beech and birch, pines and larch (maybe my favourite tree, certainly the fastest). I blame my foster dad. Dudl

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