Read article : After the Gas and Bombs: The Health Crisis That's Killing Syria

Demi Lovato says balancing exercise with her eating disorder recovery is a 'learning process'

Demi Lovato recently spoke to INSIDER about maintaining a healthy relationship with exercise throughout her eating disorder recovery. She said that finding a balance in her workout routine is "a daily thing" and a "learning process." "I make exercise a pr


8 signs you're not eating enough, even if you think you are

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters Undereating is just as bad as overeating. Your body needs fuel from food to function. Being cold all the time, feeling sluggish, and having mood swings are all signs that you may not be eating enough even if you think you are. Weig


These are 4 high-tech helicopters the best pilots in the US Army fly on top-secret missions

US Marine Corps Some know them as Task Force Brown, others fear them as thunderous ghosts who approach in the darkest hours of the night. To the public, they're the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), but to the US Army and the special oper


Alphabet's Earnings Soar as Sales Continue to Climb

Sales keep soaring at Google parent Alphabet Inc., the dominant player in online ads which reported first-quarter profit surged 84%.


A doctor’s office that charges $150 a month and doesn’t take insurance just raised millions to make it the future of medicine

Parsley Health is a medical practice that charges a monthly fee and doesn't take insurance.  For $150 a month, the membership provides access to doctors and health coaches, with the goal of treating conditions in a more comprehensive way than traditi


Can Trump Change---Or Kill---Nafta on His Own? It's Complicated

Can Trump change—or kill—Nafta on his own? Presidents have a constitutional right negotiate treaties, but Congress sets duties and tariffs, sometimes lending powers to the executive branch


The Telenovela Is on Its Deathbed, Felled by Netflix

New competitors are forcing Televisa and other Latin American broadcasters to develop real-life, edgier dramas and crime stories to replace the torrid romances that once enthralled millions.


ECB in firing line as PCA expresses dismay at 100-ball tournament idea

• County players said to be unimpressed by ‘gimmick’ competition• Representatives unhappy the plans have been presented publiclyThe England and Wales Cricket Board will meet representatives from the country’s 420 professional players next month


Van Strikes Pedestrians in Toronto

A van struck eight to 10 people on the sidewalk of one of Toronto’s busiest streets during the lunch hour, police say. The van fled the scene, but authorities say they’ve apprehended the driver.


Finland ends universal basic income experiment

Finland has decided to end its experiment with a universal basic income, in which people are paid an unconditional salary by the state instead of benefits.


Cyprus regains rare Orthodox Christian mosaic stolen in 70s

The head of Cyprus' Orthodox Christian Church says a rare 6th century mosaic depicting St. Andrew that was taken from a looted church in the country's breakaway north has been returned after four decades.

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Cyclist knocked off bike by bus escaped being paralysed when iPhone broke his fall

A CYCLIST knocked off his bike by a bus escaped being paralysed when his iPhone broke his fall. James Wilkinson, 39, was flung on to the windscreen moments before it ploughed into the side of a house. He was told by doctors that the iPhone 5s in his back

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