Read article : Passengers are livid after airline cancels Mexico flights, tells them to find another way home

Aging Demographics: A Threat To The Economy And To Finance

The aging population trend in the United States will impose a shortage of trained workers, forcing the nation to find substitutes of one kind or another or face a significant growth shortfall.

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If You Find This Vegetable This Spring Season, Grab It

The presence of rhubarb at farmers markets in a delightful announcement that spring has arrived. The rhubarb, which often acts like a fruit, is really a vegetable, but classified as a fruit in the United States.

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Cut out the middleman: Coach, Nike, Fenty and others bypass retailers and sell straight to customers

Big time retailers are now trying to cut out the middleman and get the products to the consumer directly — through their phones, USA Today reports.


Southwest flights cancelled due to engine inspections following deadly incident

The airline is performing an accelerated inspection of the fan blades.


Remnants of Mexico migrant caravan closer to US border

The remnants of a caravan of Central American migrants are protesting in northern Mexico as they once again draw angry tweets from U.S. President Donald Trump.


Fans 'let down' by Stereophonics severe weather concert

Severe weather caused by the Beast from the East meant some fans could not see Stereophonics.

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If You're A Reader, You'll Want To Book A Trip To These Book Towns

Yes, book towns really are a thing. And you can find them all over the world.


Energy Department Predicts How Extreme Climate And Weather Will Disrupt US Energy Systems

The Department of Energy (DOE) has just released their state of the art model built to predict how climate change and weather will impact energy systems here in the United States.

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