Read article : Congress could give bank shareholders a $53 billion gift

ConocoPhillips wins $2 billion arbitration against Venezuela

ConocoPhillips says it won a $2 billion arbitration award against Venezuela's state oil company over the seizure a decade ago of investments in two projects in the OPEC nation.


Chipotle rallies ahead of debut report from new CEO

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill rallied on Wednesday ahead of the company's first quarterly report under a new chief executive hired to turn around the struggling burrito chain.


NYSE glitch forces Amazon and Alphabet traders elsewhere

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange said on Wednesday that trading was suspended on its exchange in five stocks, including Amazon and Alphabet, for the rest of the day due to a technical glitch involving trade reporting.


Rocketrip raises $15 million to reward cost-saving employees

If your company lets you expense the nicest hotel when you travel, why wouldn’t you? But what if you got to split the savings with your employer by selecting a less expensive hotel? A New York-based startup called Rocketrip believes most employees


NYSE suspends trading in Amazon, Alphabet on floor because of issue with their $1,000 stock prices

New York Stock Exchange has suspended trading for a few stocks due to a "price scale code issue."


U.S. Congress girds for fight over expected Trump spending cuts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration is preparing to submit to the U.S. Congress up to $25 billion in immediate spending cuts, including possible reductions to social safety net programs, lawmakers said on Wednesday, in a move that could upend


T-Bills Waking Up Investors To The Nightmare That Is Bond Investing

You might be wondering what T-bills have to do with bond investing, since they mature in such a short period of time. And for those who are more familiar with investing in CDs, note that short-term CD rates and T-bill rates are often similar, so this ana


Amazon Alexa to reward kids who say: 'Please'

A good manners feature will praise children if they ask questions politely.

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