Read article : Joe Montana's Surprising 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Mayfield Top QB
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NBA Playoffs 2018 Schedule: April 23 Bracket, TV Channels, Live Stream, Scores, Odds, Predictions

The 2018 NBA Playoffs continue tonight with two more games. Get ready for the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz vs. Oklahoma City Thunder with this in-depth preview, which includes the schedule, bracket, odds, start times, TV and li

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Is This The Most Expensive Diamond In The World?

Found a blue diamond for sale? Expect to pay at least $3.8 million per carat.

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The Power Of Rebranding: From Hidden Ridge Vineyard to Immortal Estate

Rebranding helped to revive a stagnant vineyard into a luxury wine brand.

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If You're A Reader, You'll Want To Book A Trip To These Book Towns

Yes, book towns really are a thing. And you can find them all over the world.


How 'Black Panther' And 'Greatest Showman' Compare To James Cameron's 'Titanic'

One broke domestic box office records and the other had one of the leggiest theatrical runs of all time.


San Francisco Bartenders Look at the Latest Drinks Trends Part I

What are bartenders saying about the latest drinks trends in SF?


3 Ways To Build Credibility At Work

Building credibility at work is important for all aspects of your career. It helps position you as a valuable employee, demonstrates your abilities, and is crucial for advancing your career. Read on for three ways being conscious of the way you use langua


Marijuana And Meditation May Both Reduce Anxiety. Which Is Better?

Marijuana and meditation both seem to help reduce anxiety. But only one may help treat depression.

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Your Ticket to the Real Spain: Toma & Coe

“The idea is getting a little bit lost. Magic happens when you’re spontaneous. We can’t plan it, but we can set up a framework,” says a partner in the high-end Andalucía travel agency, which plans trips to Grenada, Seville, Córdoba and beyond.


'Fear the Walking Dead' Is Good, But Its Multiple Time Jumps Are Bad

Fear the Walking Dead is great in season 4, minus its incessant desire to keep time jumping forward.


Iran's Futile Gesture Mirrors Venezuela's Economic Idiocy

The matter could quickly get even worse if Iran's leaders decide that denominating national accounts in euros is but a mere way station on the road to selling oil in exchange for euros rather than dollars.


The S&P 500 Is Tracking A Watergate-Like Pattern

This is NOT a political commentary, but it is an observation about the current price pattern in the stock market, and its increasingly uncanny relationship to that which existed from late 1972 through 1974.

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