Read article : Avengers: Infinity War will see ‘major character die in opening scenes’

'Big Brother' Won't Return 'In Its Current Form', Says Channel 5 Boss

‘Big Brother’will not be back “in its current form” after this year, Channel 5′s top boss has confirmed.According to Broadcast, the channel’s director of programming Ben Frow has said the reality series will undergo som


    How Michael Pearce went from chugger to director of serial-killer thriller Beast

    The film-maker was doing charity work for £8 an hour while his friends from film school were cracking TV. Now, with the release of his Jersey-set drama, he has joined an exciting wave of new British directors• Sign up for Film Today and get our film te


      The Week Of review – another tired Netflix comedy from Adam Sandler

      In his fourth contracted movie with Netflix, Sandler teams up with Chris Rock in an underwhelming film about two fathers whose kids are getting married• Sign up for Film Today and get our film team’s highlights of the dayIn 2014, Adam Sandler and his


        China's Hollywood romance sours amid trade war, debt fears

        QINGDAO, China (Reuters) - When Dalian Wanda, the Chinese conglomerate, announced in 2013 that it would build an $8 billion film studio in China to lure U.S. film producers, it did so with Hollywood flash.

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          Avengers: Infinity War is out NOW! What’s the age rating, when was it released in the UK, what’s the running time and who’s in the cast?

          THE long wait is over for Marvel fans as Avengers: Infinity War is in cinemas NOW. But what’s the film about and who’s in the cast? Here’s everything you need to know… Is Avengers: Infinity War in cinemas? What was the UK release d


            To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Avengers: Infinity War Ticket

            Is Avengers: Infinity War worth the extra 3D money, or are you better off saving for your own Infinity Gauntlet? To 3D Or Not To 3D is here to help you decide!


              The Old Dark House review – James Whale’s horror classic still chills

              A couple seek refuge from a sinister couple in this prototype creepy-house tale that takes its cues from Shelley and Brontë• Sign up for Film Today and get our film team’s highlights of the dayThe great scary-movie ancestor is rereleased: James Whale


                What if superheroes aren’t really the good guys?

                We’ve always thought of them as flawed, noble and on our side – but perhaps they’re just dangerous rightwing vigilantes• Sign up for Film Today and get our film team’s highlights of the day“We’re in the endgame now,” says Doctor Strange, m


                  Avengers: Infinity War - Rate And Discuss With Spoilers

                  So you've finally seen Avengers: Infinity War, and you need someone to talk to about the whole damned mess? Head on into our Rate and Discuss story for this week, and let it all out. We're all in this together.


                    27% Of Major League Baseball Players Are Foreign-Born

                    Baseball players don't complain about immigrants "taking" jobs. They welcome talented teammates and competitors, and so do fans.


                      Avengers Infinity War End Credits Scene: What Happens, And What It Means

                      Avengers: Infinity War was every bit the paradigm shift of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we expected it to be, but it was what happened after the credits rolled that really got some people talking.

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                        How Arrow's Big Cliffhanger Sets The Stage For A Key Character To Return

                        The latest episode of Arrow ended on a cliffhanger that will result in a memorable character returning.


                          How Avengers: Infinity War Is Approaching Loose Ends From The Last 18 MCU Movies

                          The movie has many thinking that it will be the movie that wraps up all the loose ends in the entire franchise... but is that actually the case?

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