Read article : Shocker: San Francisco Tech Companies Not So Reliant On Immigrants

What Will It Take For Trusts And Estates Attorneys To Become Seriously Wealthy?

Based on extensive research, certain strategies can enable trusts and estates lawyers to excel and thereby become affluent themselves.


Southwest's Deadly Flight 1380 Incident Gives Politicians An Opportunity To Blast The FAA Again

The timing of the rare-but-horrific events aboard Flight 1380 last week could not have been much worse for Southwest, or for any other U.S. or foreign carrier operating Boeing 737s equipped with the same model of engines as were mounted on Flight 1380’s


Don't be fooled by retail's market resurgence — one Wall Street firm explains why the worst is yet to come for brick-and-mortar stocks

Retail stocks in the S&P 500 have beaten the broader index so far in 2018, but Morgan Stanley says that outperformance is misleading. The firm argues conditions for traditional retailers are in much more dire shape than they appear, and says an index


A Ten-Step Program For Cooking The Planet

It’s not hard to cook our planet. All you have to do is stop thinking too hard, and repeat the same mistakes over and over. And don't listen to experts, since you can just Google it. In ten years, the climate will have taken its own path and we won’t


Seven Things You Should Know Before Creating Your First Marketing Plan

Companies that follow a marketing plan have a competitive advantage.

Life & Style

7 Of The Best Immersion Blenders For Healthy Cooking

Find the right model, and, in a jiffy, you’ll turn roasted vegetables into scrumptious soups


What To Do With The Urban Spaces Technology Makes Obsolete

Digital tech will make many city spaces redundant: artificial intelligence doesn’t care where it works; autonomous vehicles don’t care they where they park. These spaces must be repurposed for cities to thrive in the future.Obsolete Urban Spac


Why The Swedish Spotify Of Background Music Could Boost Your Sales

Background music has been the poor relation to music for consumers. Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand is changing that.


Fortnite 3.6 Patch Notes: Clinger Grenade, Mini-Gun and Fence changes on PS4, Xbox One, PC

EPIC has rolled out a new patch for Fortnite and it addresses some of the major issues with the game that players have been requesting fixes for over the last few weeks.


Father says UK doctors surprised sick child still alive

The father of a terminally ill British toddler says the child is surviving after being taken off life support, surprising doctors who had argued he should be allowed to die.

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