Read article : Letters, photos and a diary: a first world war soldier's suitcase of souvenirs – in pictures

To Forge A New, More Egalitarian World, Our Economy Needs An 'Enlightenment 2.0'

For 40 years Britain has been in thrall to Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek’s ideology of ‘market fundamentalism’. Formulated at the height of the Second World War, and introduced here by his adoring disciple, Margaret Thatcher, it has


Thrillers review: The Hunger; All the Beautiful Lies; Paper Ghosts

The bloody conclusion to a wagon train’s journey across the US, a beautifully told crime story and a dark tale of murderous obsession are the standouts this monthThe true-life story of the Donner party, American pioneers who set out for California in 18


Vice-chancellors urge action to stop predicted 60% fall in EU students

UK university leaders demand the government rethink international fees of up to £20,000 for those from EuropeUniversities, including the world-renowned London School of Economics, are drawing up lists of courses that could face closure after Brexit and l


The Seagull review – all-star cast brings out the comedy in Chekhov

Packed with names such as Annette Bening, Elisabeth Moss and Saoirse Ronan, this adaptation of the classic play is brisk and funny Taking in the night, Dr Dorn (Jon Tenney) looks at poor lovesick Masha (Elisabeth Moss), pauses, then sagely sighs: “The s


The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli review – a worthy heir to Stephen Hawking

Is time real or simply a useful measurement of change? The author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics takes us to the limits of our understanding with clarity and styleIn Hitler’s Germany, a handful of physicists bristled at the mere mention of quantum th


Top dogs: man's best friend through the ages – in pictures

From a pipe-smoking labrador to a future president with a puppy, Raymond Merritt’s The Dog in Photography chronicles people and their canines from 1849 to today Continue reading...


In UK universities there is a daily erosion of integrity | Stefan Collini

The Bologna statement, which defines the very purpose of universities, doesn’t seem to apply to the UK any moreIn 1988, to mark the 900th anniversary of the founding of the University of Bologna, Europe’s oldest university, 388 rectors and heads of un


China karaoke lounge fire: arson suspect caught after blaze kills 18

The man, caught after authorities offered a reward, allegedly blocked building exit with motorbikeA fire in a karaoke lounge in southern China killed 18 people and injured another five, with police arresting a man soon after for suspected arson.The fire s


The UK has turned the right to education into a charitable cause. How 19th century | Louise Tickle

Cake sale, plant sale, quiz … austerity is causing school fundraising to get out of handMy nine-year-old son looks at me anxiously. “Mum, you definitely, definitely have my sponsor money plus an extra pound, which I need for the fundraising games. We

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