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Chinese Muslims have to pledge loyalty to the Communist Party before they can leave the country for the journey to Mecca

Some Chinese Muslims hoping to go on the annual Hajj pilgrimage must first pledge their allegiance to the Communist Party before they will be allowed to exit the country. Uyghur Muslims from the Xinjiang autonomous region, must create a profile onlin


Greece is rushing to sell some of its state assets before a crucial bailout deadline

Greece is set to hit lower-than-expected proceeds under a privatization program this yea.


Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Almost Had An Awkward Reunion Post-Split

Exes Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux reportedly almost had an awkward reunion meeting at Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy’s birthday party. On Monday, an eyewitness exclusively shared to Us Weekly that Aniston and Theroux missed each other at the Los Ang

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Michigan State kept ties to coach accused of sexual abuse

Michigan State University has maintained ties to a prominent volleyball coach for decades after he was publicly accused in 1995 of sexually abusing and raping six underage girls he trained.


Boston Tea Party Will Be The First Coffee Chain To Ban Disposable Cups

A UK coffee chain has announced it will be the first to ban disposable cups, with changes coming in as early as 1 June.Independently-owned Boston Tea Party, which has 21 cafes across the South West and the Midlands, will come into effect in just over


Does Rand Paul’s Playbook Work?

It starts with a complaint. A vote that most Republicans would consider routine is actually a violation of important principles. So then a threat is made; a lengthy filibuster on the Senate floor might be launched. Then, at the last minute, an anticlimact


Dwayne Johnson is now a doting dad of three girls

Dwayne Johnson's home is full of women and he wouldn't have it any other way.


Meet the team behind Spotify's viral music facts

The Genius Behind the Lyrics team write facts about thousands of songs, for your entertainment.


Toronto witness: Victim died in my arms

Diego DeMatos witnessed the Toronto van collision that killed nine people and tells CNN's Erin Burnett that a victim he stopped to help died while he was attempting to perform CPR.


Coffee chain becomes first to announce complete ban on disposable cups

'Lots of coffee chains are making pledges about how they plan to tackle cup waste in the future. We need to stop right now'


Jeremy Meeks' father who was convicted of rape and murder set to meet fiancee Chloe Green's parents

Jeremy Meeks is the "hot felon" who was catapulted into the glamorous world of modelling thanks to his hunky mugshot. But as he prepares to marry heiress Chloe Green - we can reveal the family of criminals and the murder-rapist father from Jeremy's humble

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Gang members convicted for murder and racketeering

Three members of the notorious MS-13 gang have been convicted of racketeering and murder by a Boston federal jury.


'Astonishing, ravishing, sublime' – Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece review

British Museum, LondonThe Frenchman made some of the best loved sculptures in the world. But his magnificent work is still no match for the Parthenon Marbles. My god, what art!The British Museum’s astonishing, ravishing, sublime new exhibition – I cou

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