Read article : 10 ways to eat shrimp in the Carolinas and where to find the best

Why We Must Never Take Social Progress For Granted

“Never take anything for granted” is that phrase we hear countless times when growing up, yet rarely ever pay attention to. The last half-century, especially the past few decades, have seen lightning-bolt progress towards a path of greater equ


Five Ways To Write SEO Content That Converts

It's great to have an attention-grabbing, visually appealing site, but that doesn't guarantee a local search presence for small, competitive companies.


God Of War is the new UK number one – Games charts 21 April

Find out what the top 10 selling games are in the UK, Japan and the US, plus the GameCentral and readers' top 20s of 2017.

United Kingdom

Why is St George the patron saint of England and what nationality was he?

Find out the truth about what links St George to England, as well as dozens of other countries.


Everton defender Luke Garbutt’s career at Goodison Park over as Sam Allardyce tells him to find other club

EVERTON defender Luke Garbutt has been told to find a new club by boss Sam Allardyce. Garbutt, 24, has two years left on his Goodison Park deal but it looks as though his career on Merseyside is coming to an end. The talented left-back has fallen out of f


‘iZombie’: Liv Dives Into The LARPing World In Season 4, Episode 8

Liv and Clive are introduced to the world of LARPing in the next episode of “iZombie.” According to the synopsis for Season 4, episode 8 of the CW series, Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) investigate the murder of a live-action role-playi


Seven ways … to avoid hair loss

Two-thirds of men are affected by male pattern baldness, with 40% experiencing noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, but there are some things you can do to try to keep it at bay Continue reading...


Scottish Power’s new meter wasn’t a smart move

We have no signal and so I knew it wouldn’t work ... but it went ahead anywayLast February our electricity provider, Scottish Power, asked to install a smart meter. I immediately told it we have no trace of a mobile signal here, and, as result, it would


CIA agents in 'about 30 countries' being tracked by technology, top official says

CIA officers working overseas used to expect to be followed after hours by adversarial spies hoping to find their sources.


Retirement Shock: Need to Find a Job After 40 Years at General Electric

GE’s unraveling has wiped out roughly $140 billion in stock-market wealth in the past year, not just for big Wall Street firms but among former employees who, like many small investors, long believed the company invincible.

Showbiz & TV

How to find the secret ending to the huge new 'God of War' game on PlayStation 4

The new "God of War" game has a secret ending. It's easy to miss, but it's not hard to find after you finish the game's main storyline. Here are spoiler-free instructions for how to see the ending. The new "God of War" game is so much fun to play, you m

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