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Is Supermarket Sweep coming back, when did it start with Dale Winton, where was it filmed and what was the theme tune?

DALE Winton was famed for his hit 90s show Supermarket Sweep. Following his death, it’s now been revealed the show was heading for a revival – here’s what we know… Is Supermarket Sweep coming back? On April 19, 2018 The Sun reveale

TV & Radio

Home From Home BBC location: Where is Home From Home filmed? Where is it set?

HOME FROM HOME starring Johnny Vegas is premiering on BBC One tonight. The new comedy takes place in the Lake District but where was it filmed? Here’s everything you need to know.

United Kingdom

Is weed illegal in the UK, where is cannabis legal and what are the laws on smoking and buying marijuana?

CANNABIS has been completely illegal in the UK since 1971, but now calls are growing for the laws restricting the Class-B drug to be relaxed. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis laws as they stand in the UK… How is cannabis clas


Over 140,000 households went without energy last year ‘because they couldn’t afford it’

THOUSANDS of British households have been left without gas or electricity in the last year because they couldn’t afford to top up their metre, a charity has found. Citizens Advice said the vast majority of these 140,000 households – around 120


The CEO of Barclays is being fined for trying to unmask an anonymous whistleblower

Barclays CEO facing fine from FCA and PRA over his attempts to identify 2016 whistleblower. The FCA and PRA will monitor Barclay's whistleblowing programme going forward. The decisions bring the regulators' year-long investigation into the incident to a c


Can you go home if it’s too hot to work and is there a temperature that means you can leave school?

SCORCHING heat leaves many people wondering just how hot it needs to get before they can pack up work and go home for the day. But is it that simple? What are your rights when it comes to the temperature in the workplace, and what should you do if youR

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Jeremy Kyle guest brings her mum’s dirty THONGS on the show after accusing her of having sex on her sofa and leaving ‘suspicious stains’

A JEREMY Kyle guest brought a huge bag of her mum’s dirty underwear on the show as she accused her of having sex on her sofa and leaving stains. In a segment called, “I hate my mum – and I’ll prove she had sex on my sofa!” furious Anna was convi


God of War PS4 release date is TODAY – review, latest news and is it available on Xbox One?

GOOD news, God of War fans – a new game from the franchise is here, and it’s a console exclusive. And the game’s creators revealed it’s longer than the other franchise entries so far. Here’s everything we know… God of War 2

United Kingdom

What is the Commonwealth of Nations, which countries are in it and will Prince Charles succeed Queen Elizabeth as its head?

THE Queen symbolically presides over not only Britain, but also the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. But why was the post-Empire association formed, and which countries is it made up of? Here’s the lowdown… What is the Commonwealth of Nations


British regulators to fine Barclays CEO, monitor whistleblowing program

Barclays will now be required to report to U.K. financial regulators on certain aspects of their whistleblowing programs.


Barclays CEO Jes Staley facing fine over whistleblower incident

City watchdogs say he broke rules of conduct in his attempts to identify 2016 whistleblowerBarclays’ chief executive, Jes Staley, is facing a financial penalty for an alleged breach of conduct after City watchdogs completed an investigation into the ban

Showbiz & TV

How old is Millie Bobby Brown, when was she ‘adopted’ be Aaron Paul, why did she shave her head and who are her parents?

MILLIE Bobby Brown initially started making headlines for her portrayal of Eleven in the Golden Globe nominated Netflix series Stranger Things Over the last two years she has seen her star soar – here’s the lowdown… Who is Millie Bobby B


For academics on insecure contracts, it's hard to not feel undervalued | Anonymous academic

In my first lecturing job, I ignored the low pay and focused on my students. But I never even got a word of thanksI took on hourly paid teaching in the English department of a university in the months after finishing my PhD. I did so not primarily for the


India's blockbuster cricket league is beginning to rival even English soccer

The 2018 edition of the Indian Premier League is generating never-before-seen sums of money.

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