Read article : New hope in the battle against lung cancer

First polar bear born in the tropics dies at 27 in Singapore zoo

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore on Wednesday mourned the death of the first polar bear born and bred in the tropical island city, put down by wildlife authorities after a five-year battle with health difficulties stemming from old age.

Northern Ireland

Political parties to be consulted on NI broadband plan

Political parties and others will "shortly" be consulted on how best to use £150m to improve broadband in Northern Ireland


British ‘cocaine mule’ refusing to speak to lawyers and cops over fears of revenge from drug cartel

A BRIT accused of smuggling cocaine into Peru has refused to speak to lawyers over fears drug cartels will kill him for snitching. Sean Woods, 24, was allegedly caught with the drugs in Lima last month – carrying a haul worth in excess of £4.5m. I


The Amazing Ways Infervision Uses AI To Detect Strokes

Fusing medical imagery with machine learning has helped Infervision pioneer new screening methods for lung cancer in the past. Now it has turned its computer vision on strokes, with similarly promising results.


Ahead of summit with North, South Koreans hope more for peace than unification

SEOUL (Reuters) - As North and South Korea gear up for their first summit in over a decade this Friday, many South Koreans have lowered their expectations since previous summits, hoping for peace rather than any swift reunification.

United States

'Cocaine cowboy' on the run 26 years set to be sentenced

A quarter century after he vanished, a man dubbed the last of Miami's "cocaine cowboys" is being sentenced for a drug trafficking conviction.


Three Mexican Film Students Were Murdered and Their Bodies Dissolved in Acid by a Drug Cartel

Three film students were killed after being caught unaware in the middle of a drug gang turf battle on the outskirts of Guadalajara


Florida WR Antonio Callaway failed a drug test at NFL scouting combine

Antonio Callaway was one of nine Florida players suspended during the 2017 season while being investigated for fraud.        


Games Inbox: Reinventing Battle Royale, God Of War graphics, and the influence of Castlevania

The morning Inbox wonders what would happen if Sony went software only, as one reader critiques the guns of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

United Kingdom

Albert Thompson finally given date to receive cancer treatment

The 63-year-old had his treatment delayed by six months due to his immigration status - despite living in the UK for 44 years


Redskins' WR Paul Richardson says police asked if he was in gang

Washington wide receiver Paul Richardson tweeted, then deleted, alleged details from a stop Tuesday in which he says police asked if he was in a gang.        

United Kingdom

Windrush: Albert Thompson gets date for cancer treatment

Albert Thompson was initially denied NHS treatment for prostate cancer until he proved his status.

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