Read article : Jaguar Land Rover job cuts 'should sound alarm' over Government's diesel policy, warns union

Retirement Shock: Need to Find a Job After 40 Years at General Electric

GE’s unraveling has wiped out roughly $140 billion in stock-market wealth in the past year, not just for big Wall Street firms but among former employees who, like many small investors, long believed the company invincible.


Manchester City set for FA charge after fans invade pitch but Pep Guardiola defends title celebrations at The Etihad

PEP GUARDIOLA defended Manchester City fans’ right to party after thousands ran on to celebrate their title triumph. The new champions will be charged by the FA after a final whistle pitch invasion by celebrating supporters, who also set off flares. Yet


How Mossad carries out assassinations

Murder in Malaysia turns spotlight on Israeli spy agency's policy of targeted killings of Palestinian operatives.


The Jobs Guarantee Idea Is Absurd

The idea that the government should guarantee anyone who wants one a good job is gathering just a tiny bit of steam. This idea is absurd.


Emmanuel Macron, the 'Trump Whisperer', says there is no Plan B on Iran as he travels to Washington

Emmanuel Macron will meet Donald Trump on Monday carrying a message that the US must remain committed to a flawed nuclear deal with Iran because there is no “plan B”.


AI IN BANKING AND PAYMENTS: How artificial intelligence is cutting costs, building loyalty, and enhancing security across financial services

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most commonly referenced


Legalising cannabis adds $3.6bn to Australian economy, budget office says

Parliamentary Budget Office rates fiscal benefits of Greens’ push to legalise, licence and tax marijuana • Sign up to receive the top stories every morningLegalising cannabis would reap the Australian economy almost $2bn a year, the Parliamentary Budg


'We thought that’s not right': Indigenous artefacts return home

Repatriation rights a wrong for the Budjiti, but there are many more displaced objects • Sign up to receive the top stories every morningWhen Dave and Sue Akers became caretakers of Naree Station Reserve, a remote parcel of land about two hours up a dir


Should Your Company Broadcast? Read This First

The new world of digital media makes it possible for every business to become a broadcast producer.


Major police review recommends dropping policy of automatically believing 'victims'

An alleged fantasist known as Nick, gave five different accounts of VIP abuse to the police, but was still regarded as "credible and true", it has emerged, as a review recommends dropping the policy of automatically believing "v


Four Britons have been killed in a coach crash in Saudi Arabia

Four Britons have died and 12 others were injured in a coach crash while on an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.


Israel dismisses claims that Mossad killed Palestinian activist in Malaysia

Israel’s defence minister has dismissed claims that Israel assassinated a Palestinian Hamas member and scholar who was shot dead in Malaysia.


Iran pledges to destroy Israel within 25 years as tensions rise

The head of Iran’s army, Abdolrahim Mousavi, threatened to “annihilate” Israel on Saturday as tensions escalated between the two countries.


Bishop George Bell investigation dropped by Sussex Police 

A police investigation into former bishop of Chichester George Bell has been dropped amid criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury for smearing his name.


Police plan to team up with beekeepers in order to tackle swarms

Police have teamed up with beekeepers to catch swarms which terrorise the public.

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