Read article : The Dark Underbelly of Europe's Financial System

Europe's Pitch to Trump: You Already Have a Good Trade Deal

The European Union’s top trade official arrives in Washington with a daunting task: convince the Trump administration the bloc’s economic relationship with the U.S. is fair.

Northern Ireland

NI mental health system 'failing children'

The mother of a girl who has made repeated attempts on her own life criticises mental health care.


French Ex-President Sarkozy Is Held in Financing Probe

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was detained for questioning as part of an investigation into alleged illegal financing by ex-Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi of his 2007 election campaign.


Spore and Sims creator Will Wright unveils Proxi

Will Wright led creation of SimCity and later The Sims, then he made the very ambitious evolution-themed simulation Spore. He's someone who thinks rather big. And he's unveiled a new game called Proxi, the mobile version of which is due late 2018 (no othe


Myanmar Blocks Rohingya Return With Border Fortifications

Myanmar’s military is fortifying its border with Bangladesh with a new fence and military posts, sending a “keep out” message to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees it drove from the country.


EA just showed off Project Pica Pica, an adorable new tech demo

EA isn't all about Battlefields and Battlefronts - the mega-publisher also has a stealthy experimental technology division we don't hear much about.SEED (EA's Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division) was announced last June at E3. Today, at GDC 2018


PerfectHome ordered to pay £2.1million compensation to 37,000 customers for forcing loans they could not afford

RENT-TO-OWN firm PerfectHome has been ordered to pay back £2.1million to thousands of customers, in a victory for the Sun. Some customers will have the loans written off, while others will be handed back cash due to the investigation by the financial wat


HMRC issues warning over 'high profile' phone scams that have left victims thousands out of pocket - the signs to watch for

The vast majority of the victims are aged over 65 and suffered an average financial loss of £1,150 each


"I handed my bank details over...then realised what I'd done" - Victim reveals moment he realised cold caller was stealing his identity

Digital professional Malcolm thought he was subscribing to the National Lottery - but the reality was quite the opposite


10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, FB, AMZN, ORCL)

Here is what you need to know. Tech stocks got crushed by news of Facebook breach. The Nasdaq 100 fell 2.21% Monday, led by Facebook's 8.1% plunge after reports over the weekend said it suffered a data breach. The Nasdaq 100 is set to open higher by 0.12%


The US government is ramping up borrowing just as its biggest lender is pulling back

The US budget deficit is set to increase sharply following the passage of President Donald Trump's tax cuts and budget plan, at a time when bond yields are already under upward pressure. The Federal Reserve's gradual withdrawal from the bond market as it


ECB's German Skew Raises Questions Over Draghi's Successor

Germany’s outsize influence at the European Central Bank is raising concerns among some eurozone officials and banking executives ahead of a decision over whether to name a German to lead the institution for the first time.


Greece: Turkish national runs across border while drunk

Greek authorities say a Turkish national who ran across a Greek-Turkish border crossing overnight while apparently drunk has been detained.


GOLDMAN SACHS: 'Machines have replaced humans' — and their impact on the next financial crisis could be devastating

The February sell-off in stocks demonstrated the impact of automated trading on markets, according to Charles Himmelberg, Goldman Sachs' cohead of global markets research.  "In this new market structure, machines have replaced humans, and speed

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