Read article : Kudlow says he favors a strong dollar, has no reason to believe Trump isn't for one either

What to expect from Putin and a resurgent Russia

Vladimir Putin now has a stronger hold on Russia — and stronger place in the world — thanks to an overwhelming mandate for yet another term as president.


Republicans warn Donald Trump not to fire Robert Mueller

Republican senators warned President Donald Trump on Sunday not to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel, and said the president must let federal investigators looking into Russian meddling in the US election do their jobs.


Liu He: China's quiet economist becomes top economic leader

One of President Xi's closest advisers takes control of China's economic policies and financial issues.


Tell us what you think: Where will the dollar be in a month?

In this week's Trader Poll, we want to know where you think the dollar is headed.


Lindsey Graham Warns Trump: Firing Mueller Would Be ‘Beginning Of The End’

The senator’s Republican colleagues, however, were not nearly as forceful in their responses to questions on the same topic.


Donald Trump warned by Republicans over Mueller's Russia inquiry

It came after he attacked Robert Mueller's inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 US election.


Exclusive: Wife Of Top Trump Aide Dan Scavino Files For Divorce

Dan Scavino, 42, has a long history with the Trump family.


Congress Braces for Battle Over Massive Spending Bill

Congress will enter its last major fiscal battle before November’s midterm elections this week, as lawmakers prepare to debate a mammoth spending bill that offers them the last chance to settle dozens of long-running policy fights.


President Trump’s New Opioid Plan Includes the Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers

Trump has mused in recent weeks about subjecting drug dealers to the "ultimate penalty"


White House lawyer says Trump is 'not considering or discussing' firing Mueller

Associated Press/Evan Vucci White House lawyer Ty Cobb said Sunday that President Donald Trump is not considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller. Trump railed against Mueller and the Russia investigation in a series of tweets over the weekend. Tru

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