Read article : Paul McCartney’s vintage 1967 Lamborghini set to fetch £500,000 at rock stars’ car auction

New laws could force car headlights to be dimmed as they’re ‘too bright’ and are blinding drivers

LAWS on car headlights could be changed over fears new beams are “too bright”. The UN is reviewing regulations on headlights amid concerns drivers are being dazzled. A study by the RAC has found 15 per cent of Brits have nearly had a crash bec


Huawei P20 Series, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Joining Smartphone Competition Next Week

Chinese companies Huawei and Xiaomi are joining the tight smartphone competition during this half of the year by introducing their new flagship devices before this month ends. Huawei is unveiling its new P20 series on the same day as Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S


Cyclists could travel faster than cars within ten years — as congestion ‘slows drivers down to 16mph’

CYCLISTS could be travelling faster than cars on UK roads within a decade as congestion slows drivers to snail’s pace. The average speed of motorists on A-roads dropped from 19.3mph in 2014 to 18.4mph last year, Department for Transport figures show. If


Your car insurance could be invalid if you do one of these ten things

DRIVERS could be risking millions in rejected car insurance claims by accidentally voiding their own policies. Slip-ups can include anything from not getting your car serviced and leaving your car unlocked to wearing FLIP-FLOPS and having furry dice hangi


Yes, MoviePass Just Got Even Cheaper... For A Limited Time

If $10 a month was too rich for your blood, you may want to check out MoviePass' latest deal.


Dacia cleans up as the UK’s top ten cheapest cars to run are revealed

THE Dacia Duster has been named the cheapest car to run. The budget SUV costs just 20.63p per mile, a survey by Auto Express magazine found. The Sandero and Logan, also made by the Romanian firm, came second and third. The figures analysed price, tax, ins

United States

Powerful storm brought much-needed rain to California

The storm that drenched California this week brought much-needed rain to the state, which has been slipping back into drought conditions due to a dry winter that only turned wet and snowy this month.


WATCH: Woman Flogged 100 Times In Public By Husband As Punishment

A wife in India endured a public flogging at the hands of her husband as punishment for her alleged adultery, police said Thursday. The unidentified woman was allegedly flogged at least 100 times by her husband with a large leather belt. Footage of the in


'Billions' and 'Trust' share jaded view of the ruthless rich

Not to say TV loves the eccentric lives of billionaires, but two dramas about them will air opposite each other Sunday: "Trust," an FX series that's the second iteration in the last four months of oil magnate J. Paul Getty's life; and "Billions," the Show

TV & Radio

Chilling similarities of the actors in The Assassination of Gianni Versace – who are the spitting image of the real life stars

AMERICAN Crime Story fans have become obsessed with latest series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Based on real-life events, the story follows Andrew Cunanan, a calculated serial killer, and his three month killing spree that ended with the death of

United Kingdom

Do I need a TV licence to watch TV, when is the price rise and can I watch BBC iPlayer if I don’t have one?

TELLY fans have to shell out for a TV licence and even those who use the iPlayer to watch any BBC programmes need to cough up – but the cost to your wallet is set to rise next month. But what exactly is the licence for and when is the price going up

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