Read article : Trump's new top economic adviser has a history of slamming the president on Twitter

Donald Trump routinely humiliates whomever he pleases. But the day is coming when the tables will turn

You may argue that Trump humiliates himself every single day without trying. But these things tend to be more satisfying when the person concerned recognises the fact

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Why does the Boat Race only include Oxford and Cambridge and which of the two universities has won the most races?

THE world-famous Oxford vs Cambridge boat race has been an annual event since 1856, watched by the nation, eager to see who will win. Only the first and second world wars have prevented the two rivals going head-to-head down the River Thames – here&


Rights groups slam Trump's ban on transgender military service

LGBTQ advocates call policy banning most transgender people from military service 'transphobia masquerading as policy'.


Trump trade war: China tells US it will defend national interests

US President Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods , raising fears of a trade war.

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World wary as Trump turns to hardliners Bolton and Pompeo

President Donald Trump's decision to bring on John Bolton as national security adviser jolted the usually careful diplomatic world enough that a few unusually frank adjectives slipped out.


French hero officer who swapped himself for hostage dies

France's top security official says a heroic officer who swapped himself for a hostage during an attack on a supermarket has died of his injuries.


Hero cop who swapped place with woman hostage during French terror attack dies from injuries

Arnaud Beltrame, a 45-year-old lieutenant-colonel, had been praised by President Emmanuel Macron for his bravery


President Trump issues order to ban transgender troops from service except in 'limited circumstances'

President Trump on Friday officially authorized the ability to ban transgender individuals from joining the military, with limited exceptions, following through on a pledge he made last year.

United States

Trump issues ban against most transgender troops serving in the military

President Trump issued an order barring most transgender troops from serving in the U.S. armed forces.


'F--- that': Trump wanted no part of the blame for shutting down the government with his threat to veto the massive budget bill

President Donald Trump reportedly had a terse reply to White House aides who warned him of the repercussions of not signing the $1.3 trillion government spending bill on Friday. "F--k that," Trump reportedly said, after being reminded that a budget deadli


Donald Trump issues order to ban most transgender troops from serving in military

Donald Trump issued an order on Friday to ban transgender people from serving in the military except under "limited circumstances".

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