Read article : Iran believes the US spied on it with special lizards

Boffins warn of rogue AIs, hijacked drones and ‘superhuman hacking’

CRIMINALS are increasingly using artificial intelligence to carry out crippling cyber-attacks, a major report warns. It also raises fears of drones being hijacked by terrorists to launch raids or deadly strikes. Experts from Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford an

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Democrat picks up seat in special election for Kentucky legislature

(Reuters) - A Democrat easily won a Kentucky House of Representatives special election on Tuesday, the 37th U.S. legislative seat flipped to the party from Republicans since Donald Trump's 2016 election as president, the Democratic National Committee said

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Florida shooting suspect may receive $800G inheritance

The alleged gunman who police say murdered 17 people during a shooting rampage at a Florida high school last week is reportedly set to receive a massive inheritance from his late mother.


Philippines 'concerned' as U.S. intelligence tags Duterte a threat to democracy

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is taking seriously the U.S. Intelligence Community's report tagging the firebrand leader a threat to democracy in Southeast Asia, his spokesman said on Wednesday.


Airbus: A380 Superjumbo Program Now Sustainable

Airbus says the giant A380 superjumbo program is now 'sustainable', after a nick-in-time order prevents cancellation. But will sustainable ever mean profitable?


Artificial intelligence poses risks of misuse by hackers, researchers say

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are raising risks that malicious users will soon exploit the technology to mount automated hacking attacks, cause driverless car crashes or turn commercial drones into targeted weapons, a new


Vatican special envoy hears Chilean abuse victims' testimony

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A Chilean man who was sexually abused by a priest said he was hopeful that the testimony he shared on Tuesday with a Vatican investigator would lead to better protection for children.

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