Read article : Another central bank just issued a warning about cryptocurrencies

Apple may have just saved the GOP

Apple's news proves tax reform is a winner but the GOP still has work to do to avoid midterm losses, says Jake Novak.

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80-year-old pensioner charged with armed bank robbery

Robert Francis Krebs, accused of holding up bank in Tucson, Arizona, picked up by police in swoop on local hotels.


US Air Force's New Missile-Warning Satellite Launching Tonight: Watch It Live

The U.S. Air Force's newest early-warning satellite for missile defense will launch into space from Florida tonight (Jan. 18) and you can watch the action live online.


Cybercrime: Top 10 States That Will Lose The Most Money In 2018

Last year saw several major hacks that targeted people’s data, like the Uber and Forever 21 cyber incidents. As the new year begins, a recent report predicts which states in the U.S. are most at risk to cyber crimes.


Streaming TV's Drop-In, Drop-Out Problem

As they court a generation of cable TV cord-cutters, streaming services are making it easy for subscribers to come and go as they please. But the risk is that the flexibility will lead to a higher level of service cancellations, or “churn,” th


NRA-Kremlin connection? FBI investigates gun rights’ group’s work during election

The FBI is looking into what the NRA had to do with the deputy governor of Russia's central bank


Vanguard's chairman says cryptocurrencies pose an ‘idiosyncratic risk’

Vanguard Group chairman F. William McNabb said Thursday that the ongoing cryptocurrency boom worries him “a little bit.” 'If something’...


A 2nd GOP senator just came out against the Republican funding bill — raising the risk of a government shutdown

Sen. Mike Rounds is now the second Republican to say he will vote against the GOP funding bill, raising the risk of a government shutdown.

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