Read article : New York bookstore proudly displays books written by authors from 'shithole countries'

Why Has the Government Shut Down? Because No One Has a Plan

As Senators shuffled back to Capitol Hill on Sunday evening for a highly unusual 1 a.m. vote, few were ready to undo the partial government shutdown that began late Friday — so much so that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ultimately pushed t


82 Percent of the Wealth Generated Last Year ‘Went to the Richest 1 Percent of the Global Population’

A new report from Oxfam highlights a global system that rewards the super-rich and neglects the poor


Toshiba said to be considering IPO for memory chip unit

Toshiba is reportedly considering an IPO of its prized memory chip business.


Amazon launches supermarket with NO checkouts and uses cameras to track what shoppers remove from shelves 

AMAZON is launching its own supermarket which has no checkouts but instead relies on cameras to track what shoppers remove from shelves. The Amazon Go store in Seattle opens to the public on Monday and promises customers they won’t have to wait in


SAG Awards 2018: Hollywood (mostly) leaves the 'Me Too' discussion behind

The Screen Actors Guild Awards show was, more often than not, business as usual.        


Carillon collapse: A flawed system is to blame more than management excess

Labour and the unions have accused Carillion of behaving irresponsibly, but the collapsed company took on low-margin business without charging an arm and a leg


New cars are 'safer than ever' because of driver assistance systems, motor industry claims

Nearly seven out of 10 new cars now have driver assistance systems that help improve safety


Croatia introduces same-sex family bedtime stories

The book has been praised by LGBT campaigners but not everyone is excited, writes the BBC's Guy De Launey.


Trump reportedly shreds commerce secretary Wilbur Ross for falling asleep in meetings: 'Wilbur has lost a step'

"Wilbur has lost his step. Actually, he's probably lost a lot of steps," Trump said, according to Axios.

United States

Schumer calls Trump 'dysfunctional' as government shutdown enters day two – video

Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer blames the US president, Donald Trump, for the government shutdown in Washington DC. Branding it the 'Trump Shutdown', Schumer says the president walked away from two bipartisan deals Continue reading...

United Kingdom

Bid to get more protection for shop and bar workers

A Labour MSP seeks views on his member's bill to protect shop and bar workers from violence.

United Kingdom

NHS 111 helpline could be answered by robots within two years

NHS 111 helpline calls could be answered by robots within two years, it’s reported. A leaked report says smartphones could become “the primary method for accessing health services” with almost 16 million inquiries handled by algorithms


Richest 1 per cent took 82 per cent of new global wealth last year, Oxfam report says

'The concentration of extreme wealth at the top is not a sign of a thriving economy but a symptom of a system that is failing'


'Don't be afraid to ask for help'

'Don't be afraid to ask for help', says Jen Atkinson, the CEO of luxury travel company ITC.

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