Read article : Crash Bandicoot PS4 Trilogy getting fan-requested sequel?

Maserati police crash man pleads guilty

Two Met Police officers were "critically injured" in the smash in Neasden.


Andrew WK offers to pay fan's speeding ticket

The singer offered to pay a speeding fine given to a fan who drove too fast while listening to his song.


China builds world’s largest air freshener to tackle dangerous pollution

Gigantic clean machine stands 100 metres tall and filters the filthy air


Apple, Amazon, and other tech titans could threaten big banks in one key area

In the long term, tech companies could erode margins for banks in payments.


Airbnb Lets You Pay Less Up Front

This will make things much easier.


Apple's Health app is being used as evidence in a murder trial in Germany

Not everyone uses the Apple Health App that’s pre-installed on their iPhones. But this app is playing an important role in a murder trial in Germany. An Afghan refugee named Hussein Khavari is being accused of raping and murdering 19-year-old medic

Formula 1

Why Kubica's F1 racing return was put on hold

It all started with a harmless conversation. Williams was evaluating its driver options for 2018 and Robert Kubica wanted to find out whether he still had the ability to drive a Formula 1 car at a high level, after sustaining life-threatening injuries in


Here's What's Going On With HBO's 'Game of Thrones' Prequels

HBO has five Game of Thrones prequels in the works, and we just got an update on when we might see some of them.


More than 1,000 people charged with sharing child abuse video, but may not know it is a crime

Many of the accused are teenagers themselves, and might not have realised the videos constitute child abuse, investigators say


This new PS4 controller is built for gamers who prefer the Xbox joypad

SONY has announced a brand new PlayStation controller that looks like the Xbox gamepad. The quirky new model will be perfect for PS4 owners who’d rather be clutching an Xbox-style controller. Sony has partnered with peripheral-maker Hori for the re


Over 1,000 people charged with sharing video of naked teens on Facebook

Danish police have charged more than 1,000 young people for distributing sexually explicit images and videos after being tipped off by Facebook.

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