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Soldiers in India tackle fire from highly polluted lake

Almost 5,000 recruits were on scene and prevented blaze engulfing civilians areas, army say


Women's march: Thousands protest what they say is Donald Trump's racism and misogyny

The demonstrations were held on the first anniversary of Mr Trump's inauguration


Knives disguised as lipstick and combs for young women being promoted via Instagram

Instagram is being used to promote illegal knives designed to be attractive to young women, The Telegraph can disclose.

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All-female team of British soldiers become first women's group to cross Antarctica using only muscle power

Team celebrate after skiing a total of 1,056 miles, navigating crevasse fields and pulling sleds weighing 80kgs


Donald Trump has spent a quarter of his days as President at golf clubs, figures show

Head of state has been at a resort on 91 of the past 364 days, according to White House schedules


Women's March draws thousands across America

Thousands of protesters took to the streets for the second Women's March on Saturday.


Five-star hotel to house world's first indoor RAINFOREST featuring waterfalls and Jurassic marsh

The new five-star Rosemont Hotel and Residences in Dubai will feature a prehistoric Jurassic-inspired marsh, a splash pool, a sandless beach and a rainforest café


French surgeons make medical history with first double face transplant

A Frenchman whose body rejected a face transplant after seven years has received a second face from another donor in an unprecedented operation that surgeons had doubted was feasible.

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USAA offers military no-interest loans during shutdown

The company is offering interest-free loans to anyone not being paid


Flu outbreak: 100 people a week dying in US as virus continues to spread

At least 759 people died in the US between 7 October and 23 December


Paul Bocuse dies: Top French chef with three Michelin stars dies aged 91

French President Emmanuel Macron said French gastronomy had 'lost a mythical figure'


White supremacy still casts a shadow over the Trump presidency after a year of controversy

One year ago, Mr Trump gave an inaugural speech his campaign rival described as a 'cry from the white nationalist gut' and the issue has never really gone away

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Tara the terrier kills 600 rats in mission to destroy rodents terrorising children too scared to play outside

MEET Tara the terrier who is single-handedly putting an end to a community’s rat infestation. The pooch and her owner Adrian Oliver are on a mission to rid a housing estate in Durham of its long-running rodent problem which has left parents fearing

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