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You can fly to Paris from all over the US for as low as $300 with this incredible deal

There are some great deals available on flights to Paris from all around the US. These fares will be gone soon, though, so book quickly!


ICEYE's 'suitcase space radar' returns first image

Finnish start-up ICEYE releases a "first light" picture from its novel radar satellite.


Bankrupt Air Berlin auctions EVERYTHING – from plane seats to meal trolleys

BANKRUPT German airline Air Berlin has put its entire inventory up for auction. Airline fans are turning up in droves for the unique chance to bid for aeroplane seats, trolleys or even airline chocolates. Air Berlin was Germany’s second biggest air


Trump hotel prices drop 35 per cent since US President's inauguration

Research suggests some rooms are 66 per cheaper than last year

United States

Christie ends term as first New Jersey governor to not break a leg in 25 years

Chris Christie left the New Jersey governor’s office with his popularity in tatters, but at least he didn’t break a leg.Republican Chris Christie left the New Jersey governor’s office with his popularity in tatters, but at least he di

Life & Style

A Tale Of Two Travel Opportunities: How To Handle Being More Jet Set Than Your Partner

Couple travel can be difficult, especially when you come from different financial backgrounds.


Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, strikes deal with Russia investigators

Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, has struck a deal with investigators looking into Russian election meddling, according to reports.


Brilliant Fireball Shakes Southeastern Michigan with 2.0 Earthquake

A brilliant fireball lit up the night sky over southeastern Michigan Tuesday (Jan. 16), dazzling skywatchers lucky enough to see it. Many more felt the earth shake from the meteor's sonic boom, according to media reports.


Flight attendant reveals the best way to sleep on planes and avoid jet lag – but it takes a strong will

FLIGHTS aren’t always the easiest place to sleep, thanks to everything from turbulence to screaming kids and interruptions from cabin crew at meal times. But there is a knack to it – so long as you are strong willed. Flight attendant Kara

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