Read article : How a Texas gas station became America's most famous Czech restaurant

Staff member threatened by man with knife in Rutherglen

The robbery happened at a petrol station in Rutherglen in the early hours of Sunday.


McDonald's new Dollar Menu has a sneaky way to get a ton of food cheap (MCD)

The best deal on McDonald's new Dollar Menu is the Happy Meal. And, I have hard data to prove it.


Dazzling Trifid Nebula Glows in an Ocean of Stars (Photo)

The magnificent Trifid Nebula, also known as NGC 6514, is a bright cloud of cosmic dust and gas that serves as a stellar nursery for newborn stars.


Immigrants pay terrible price as California hit by deadly mudslides

'Antonio wakes up, cries and cries, and then is given a sedative to go back to sleep, only to wake up again later and cry again'


Congress asks whether Russian money funded Trump golf courses in UK and Ireland

'If you're familiar with Donald Trump's finances and the litigation over whether he's really a billionaire, you know, there's good reason to believe he doesn't have enough money to do this and that he would have had to have o


DR Congo: Anti-Kabila protests dispersed with tear gas

At least one person is killed during a crackdown on protests against President Joseph Kabila.


20 years since America’s shock over Clinton-Lewinsky affair, public discussions on sexual harassment

Twenty years ago, millions around the world learned of a sexual affair between a president and a young intern


Philippines says it won't be embroiled in US-China sea spat

The Philippines says it won't get embroiled in a fresh spat between the U.S. and China involving Beijing's protest of an American warship passing near a Chinese-controlled shoal also claimed by the Philippines.


YouTubers BREAK IN to Celebrity Big Brother house in biggest security fail in the show's history

Ryan Taylor and Ally Law managed to film the CBB housemates from the famous front door


How the Republicans plan to stiff your waitress

Restaurant owners may soon be pocketing your server’s tip money

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