United Kingdom

Police officer who deliberately knocked down suspect can keep his job

PC Rowan Huskisson, 33, was found guilty of mounting a pavement and driving into pedestrian Sam Whitmore.


Nepal honors 1st conquest of Everest without bottled oxygen

Nepal's government has honored two climbers who were the first to scale Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen 40 years ago.


Mum charged £930 for a single banana in Asda check out slip up

  ASDA has been forced to apologise after it charged a shopper more than £930 for a single banana. Bobbie Gordon assumed the supermarket had made a typo when they emailed her to say the 11p piece of fruit would actually cost her £930.11. Fortunatel

United Kingdom

This is what happens when a dog is left in a hot car

Just a little friendly reminder to take care of your dogs in the heat.

United Kingdom

UK weather has Britain baking on the hottest day of the year – one month on from blizzards

BRITAIN is baking on the hottest day of the year – just one month on from teeth-chattering snow and ice. Sizzling temperatures could reach as high as 28C today, with Britain becoming Europe’s sunshine capital, in stark contrast to March’

United States

Howard commencement to feature "Black Panther" Boseman

The "Black Panther" is returning to his alma mater to give the commencement address at Howard University.


Russia says video of boy being doused in water after Syria chemical attack was ‘fake news’

Distressing footage showed an 11-year-old boy being doused in water after the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7.


Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe fail to agree on US tariff exemption for Japan

US president says current trade deficit is too high to merit an exemption


What is the UK plastic straw ban, which companies have banned them and what’s Theresa May said about cotton buds?

PLASTIC straws, cotton buds and stirrers could be banned from sale in England as early as next year in a dramatic bid to help clean up the world’s oceans. But what does it mean for you? And which companies have already banned plastic straws? Here&#

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