Read article : Coastal states to Trump: why is Florida exempt from drilling and not us?

EU prepares sanctions against Venezuelan officials amid growing unrest

The European Union is preparing sanctions on several top Venezuelan officials amid mounting international fears over the political and economic crises that have plunged the country into violence and looting.

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Medicaid will likely shrink in these states

Work requirements are only the beginning. States are looking to implement various measures that are expected to shrink their Medicaid rolls.


Trump children's health insurance tweet contradicts, confounds

President Donald Trump contradicted his own administration on Thursday when he tweeted that funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program should not be included in a short-term plan to fund the government.


The Coverage Of Trump’s Big Dumb Body Is Fat With Stupidity

The president, it evidently needs to be said, is not a professional athlete.


Not just “girthers”: Doctors question Trump’s health report

"We’re talking about a 70-plus-year-old man who is obese and doesn’t exercise"


One Year On From Trump's Inauguration We Want To Fight The Racism He Spouts

If Trump comes to Britain he will face one of the biggest demonstration in this country’s history


US and Russia’s terrifying new arms race as world powers race to develop ‘mini’ nukes they can actually use

PUTIN and Trump want to overhaul their already terrifyingly deadly nuclear arsenals and build smaller “tactical” nukes as tension between the former Cold war rivals grows. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu yesterday announced that his cou


SAG Awards get ready for #MeToo close-up

Following a Golden Globes that made headlines with its Time's Up theme, the Screen Actors Guild is leaning into that discussion with its annual presentation Sunday. Yet with several more star-studded ceremonies to come, questions linger as to how well Hol


US Air Force's New Missile-Warning Satellite Launching Tonight: Watch It Live

The U.S. Air Force's newest early-warning satellite for missile defense will launch into space from Florida tonight (Jan. 18) and you can watch the action live online.


Senate Advances Judicial Pick Hostile To Voting Rights For Black People

Thomas Farr, Trump's nominee to a federal court seat, defended North Carolina's voter suppression law and racially discriminatory gerrymandering.


Donald Trump told porn star Stormy Daniels she ‘reminded him of his daughter Ivanka’ after their alleged affair

A PORN star who claimed she had an affair with Donald Trump said the US President told her she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka. Adult star Stormy Daniels claims to have received the compliment after their alleged fling in 2005. She said: “He onc


Labor on campaign footing and prepared for early election

Opposition plans to ‘hit the ground running’ no matter when Malcolm Turnbull calls electionThe earliest the next federal election could be held is August but that has not stopped Labor from getting on a campaign footing.The opposition has beg


What our leaders say about Australia Day – and where did it start, anyway?

Protests against 26 January pre-date Australia Day itself, but attitudes to dealing with the legacy of colonisation differOpposition to Australia Day, and the push to change the date to one that attempts to reconcile with the dispossession and death of Ab

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