Read article : ‘Hunger is killing me’: on the brink of starvation in South Sudan | Sam Mednick

Swansea prison probe after inmate Robert Evans' death

Robert Lee Evans was found dead in HMP Swansea on Sunday, the Prison Service says.


Tim Cook: 'I don't want my nephew on a social network'

Apple chief talks about tax affairs and overuse of tech at launch of school coding initiativeThe head of Apple, Tim Cook, believes there should be limits to the use of technology in schools and says he does not want his nephew to use a social network.Cook


Sushi fanatic who ate raw salmon 'almost every day' had FIVE-FOOT tapeworm 'wiggling out' of him

The male patient complained of bloody diarrhoea when he went to a hospital in Fresno, California, US, and told doctors "I really want to get treated for worms"


As South Korea counts down to Olympics, a ghost ski resort festers

GANSEOUNG, South Korea (Reuters) - The chairs of an abandoned ski lift sit on a barren, ghostly mountainside in South Korea; like gravestones for what was one a vibrant holiday resort.


Adidas has found a way to 'fully exploit' its online opportunity — and it could make a killing

Adidas' focus on quality growth and margins will help drive up its stock, Macquarie analyst Lauren Jefferys wrote. Jefferys raised her price target to ...

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Freaked out internet users think Natalie Portman and Millie Bobby Brown are the exact same person

Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman were born over 20 years apart but share an incredible likeness.


Betty Guy murder trial: Grandson 'lied about killing for attention'

Barry Rogers denies killing his grandmother and tells a court he has a habit of lying.

United Kingdom

BBC criticised for banning white job applicants for trainee role

'This is not a job, but simply a training and development opportunity.'


The knock-on effects of Cape Town's drought

Cape Town, South Africa could run out of water in 95 days.

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