Read article : Oil prices edge up on lower US rig count, but below recent highs

For GE, a Breakup Is No Quick Fix

While GE’s core Aviation, Power and Healthcare divisions would be among the biggest players in their markets, separating them would require unraveling intertwined operations, pensions and debts.


The bitcoin crash could be a blessing in disguise for the US financial system

The rapid crash in bitcoin challenges the notion that it's a stable store of value, and raises concerns about possible spillover into other markets.


Analysts: Bitcoin's Sharp Decline A Temporary Pullback

Bitcoin plunged lately, but is this pullback only temporary?


Mining, demand for heating power U.S. industrial production

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. industrial production increased more than expected in December as unseasonably cold weather at the end of the month boosted demand for heating, but manufacturing output barely rose, pointing to moderate growth in the industrial


“New California” is the latest conservative pipe dream

Conservative Californians say their votes don't count. Sound familiar?

Showbiz & TV

15 Hollywood stars who didn't accept their Oscars

A number of legendary actors and filmmakers have boycotted the Oscars, refused their awards, or just outright skipped the show.

Showbiz & TV

'The Last Jedi' director says the movie's polarizing final scene was almost taken out: 'We went back and forth in the editing room'

"The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson reveals that even in post production there was a mixed reaction about the final scene.

Life & Style

Foods you should avoid if you're trying to get pregnant - and what you should have instead

There are a number of foods women should avoid when they're trying to conceive


One chart explains the stock market's record-breaking explosion

BI PRIME: Upward revisions to S&P 500 profit forecasts have provided crucial fuel for the stock market's ascent to new record highs.

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