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All-female team of British soldiers become first women's group to cross Antarctica using only muscle power

Team celebrate after skiing a total of 1,056 miles, navigating crevasse fields and pulling sleds weighing 80kgs


Go Mediocre Or Go Home: College Football's Need For A Gloriously Mediocre Bowl Game

The mediocrity that has permeated the collegiate bowl lineup for the past decade has been confined to indifference and unspoken truths for far too long. It is time to remove mediocrity from the shadows and put it on the fair-to-average pedestal it deserve

United States

Raw deal: sushi-loving California man discovers 5ft 6in tapeworm

Fresno doctor says of ‘giant’ parasite patient wrapped round toilet roll: ‘Apparently it was still wriggling when he put it in the bag’A California man’s daily sushi habit ended in a trip to hospital with a stomach-churnin


Woman 'sold' to US family as baby from home for unmarried mothers reveals her heartbreaking upbringing

Kathleen Sullivan, 63, was 'bought' by her adoptive family for £10,000 from a mother and baby home in Dublin


Guests flee as gunmen open fire in luxury hotel in Kabul

Suicide bombers thought to among gang of up to four men targeting Intercontinental hotelA group of as many as four gunmen attacked the Intercontinental hotel in the Afghan capital Kabul and were exchanging fire with security forces on Saturday as resident

United Kingdom

Jordan Peterson: Who is the professor whose interview with Cathy Newman sparked online abuse?

Self-described cultural critic attracted devout following in 2016 for his anti-political correctness videos

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Theresa May's deputy suggests Britain could rejoin reformed EU

David Lidington campaigned as a Remain and suggested Britain could rejoin the European Union within a generation.


This government shutdown is historic for one big reason

This is the first time in modern history that the government shut down while being controlled by one party.

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