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Nike at two-year high as analysts tout margin benefits of direct sales

(Reuters) - Nike Inc's shares surged to a two-year high on Friday after two Wall Street brokerages said the footwear maker's profitability would soon reap the benefits of its recent move to sell directly to consumers.


Sicily has a chequered past but is now the perfect holiday destination

THREE men in suits carrying violin cases emerge from the shadows of a Palermo side street and walk purposefully towards us. So THIS is how it ends. Dumped in the boot of a car in long-term parking at the airport. Encased in cement and propping up some new


See the inspiration behind TV’s Game of Thrones for yourself by exploring Hadrian’s Wall

“AS we stopped to see Hadrian’s Wall, I stood up there and I tried to imagine what it was like to be a Roman legionary. “For the Romans at that time, this was the end of civilisation.” OK, those aren’t my words — the


World’s sexiest hotel bedroom and the best swimming pool with a view are revealed in annual Mr & Mrs Smith Awards

IS your hotel bedroom sexy enough? It might not be something that immediately springs to mind when you book a holiday… The Mr And Mrs Smith travel website think it is so important that it has its own category in their annual travel awards. Revealed


Why the Argentinian government went vegan

Can the world's second most carnivorous country embrace a plant-based diet? Sorrel Moseley-Williams visits a government leading from the top


California's bullet train (and biggest boondoggle) is over budget by billions

It’s billions of dollars over budget and seven years behind schedule, and appears to have no plausible way of living up to its goal of getting riders across the state in three hours or less.


Tourists smoking cannabis in California could get banned from the country for LIFE – even though it’s legal

CALIFORNIA’S progression to legalising marijuana hasn’t been all peace-out and chill. First, many of the new commercial operations set up to grow and supply legal marijuana were burnt out in wildfires late last year. Then on January 1, when

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