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How old is Russell Brand, who’s his wife Laura Gallacher, what’s his net worth and does he have children?

RUSSELL Brand is one of the most famous British comedians. He’s known for his stand-up, acting and writing – but what else do you need to know about him… How old is Russell Brand? Russell Brand was born in Grays, Essex on June 4, 1975.

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Who is Megan Mullally? Karen Walker actress on Will & Grace and singer in the band Nancy and Beth

MEGAN Mullally is well known for playing Karen Walker in the classic sitcom Will & Grace. The show recently made a much-hyped return to UK TV screens – here’s what we know about her… Who is Megan Mullally? Megan Mullally was born Novem

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Who is Debra Messing? Grace Adler actress on Will & Grace and star of The Mothman Prophecies

SHE’S the beautiful redhead who rose to fame on Will & Grace but Debra Messing isn’t just a one-trick pony. The actress has had an amazing career to date, and as the beloved sitcom finally returns to UK screens after an 11 year absence, here

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Who is Eric McCormack? Will Truman actor on Will & Grace who appeared in The Lost World and Ally McBeal

WILL & Grace fans rejoiced around the world when the show announced it’s big comeback. But who is Eric McCormack who plays the leading role of Will Truman? Here’s what we know… Who is Eric McCormack? What is his background? Eric James


Kate Middleton reveals Princess Charlotte's favourite food as Prince William's pregnant wife opens up about home life and her children

Kate Middleton revealed Princess Charlotte's favourite food is pasta [Getty] Kate Middleton has revealed Princess Charlotte's favourite food when quizzed by a curious member of the public.  The Duchess of Cambridge – who is pregnant and exp

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Who is Judge Rinder, who is his ex-partner Seth Cummings, is he a barrister in real life and when did he meet Benedict Cumberbatch?

JUDGE Rinder is well known for his sharp tongue in the courtroom. But he can also boast to have A-list Hollywood star as a best friend – here is the lowdown on the former Strictly Come Dancing star… Who is Judge Rinder? The 39-year-old judge

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How old is Monty Don, who is the Gardeners’ World presenter’s wife and when does Paradise Gardens start on BBC Two?

MONTY Don is the popular face of Gardeners’ World, the popular horticultural show he presents with Adam Frost and Frances Tophill. But what else do we know about the writer and broadcaster – who once dreamed of being a rock star? Who is Mont


Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I don't want my nephew on a social network' (AAPL)

Cook is among the growing numbers of people in Silicon Valley who are airing concerns about the potential dangers of technology.


Here Are the Promises President Trump Kept and Broke in His First Year

Donald Trump was elected president after a campaign of bold promises. Voters responded to his sweeping assurances on everything from health care to immigration and his overall pledge to Make America Great Again. Now, after Trump’s first year in the


A psychedelic trip could tackle depression in a way that antidepressants can't

Psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD have been studied with renewed attention in recent years for their potential to help treat depression and anxiety.

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