We may all be talking like Trump for years to come, linguist says

There's a reason why Trump will hurt the English language over time. Bigly


Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — predicts a movement of young workers fleeing desk jobs for farms

More young Americans who live in cities are leaving their office jobs to become farmers, according to Kimbal Musk.


Morgan Stanley's new managing director list is out — read the names here

BI PRIME: Morgan Stanley's new managing director list is out — read the names here.


A Wall Street bank has a new theory on Amazon's plans to get into healthcare

Cowen researchers suggest that Amazon would have a better shot of getting into healthcare by using its voice assistant Alexa.


Warner Bros. Hopes 'Aquaman' Won't Need To Be A Sink-Or-Swim Movie

If enough of their pre-summer and pre-holiday biggies score, Warner Bros. will be able to treat 'Aquaman' as just another franchise title.


Foods For The Body, Mind And Soul

Pearl Butter spreads creator Kati Holland strives for “wellness, not perfection.”


Puigdemont, facing charges, to be Catalan president

Carles Puigdemont is the candidate to head the Catalan regional government, continuing the independence saga in Spain.


A researcher who spoke with 45 self-made multi-multimillionaires realized they all had something unexpected in common

Most self-made German millionaires and multi-millionaires interviewed weren't outstanding students, and some didn't have a college degree.


Jared Kushner is a weak link in the White House’s foreign policy

Despite Donald Trump's past tough talk against China, he's done very little against it — largely thanks to Kushner


People keep blaming one person in the White House for killing deals to end the shutdown

Stephen Miller is taking heat from some who accused him of being a leading force in preventing a compromise on immigration to end the government shutdown.


Big Brother's Rebekah Shelton reveals the TRUTH about shocking death hoax after it was announced she had 'died unexpectedly'

Big Brother's Rebekah Shelton reveals the truth about shocking death hoax  [Instagram] Big Brother’s transgender star Rebekah Shelton has claimed that her lover’s wife was to blame for the shocking tweet from her account which announced

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